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    • By Jon Fetsch
      Hypnotic Eye: Track 12: Playing Dumb
      (* unclear lyric)
      Gotta image of angels
      And not in a man Swip'n a ruler 'cross my little boy hand Now I turn around Sixty 'witches on my hand I'm still throw'in up some other food my mind has fed*   Hounded*, I've had enough Hounded*, my time has come I'm fed up, fed up, fed up We're playin' dumb   Well lets light a candle for every kid For every soul that was done away with For every confession that wasn't on the level For every man of God who lives with hidden devils   Hounded*, I've had enough Hounded*, my time has come I'm fed up, fed up, fed up We're playin' dumb, ... dumb, dumb, dumb   You live in a mansion with drivers and go-fers You walk* down the hallway with red letter loafers This may not be your fault, but **** How can you know all that you know and get to sleep   Hounded*, I've had enough Hounded*, my time has come I'm fed up, fed up, fed up We're playin' dumb, ... yah we're playin' dumb dumb, dumb, dumb dumb, dumb, dumb dumb...dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb dumb, dumb, dumb dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb
    • By TwoGunslingers
      Now that most of us have heard the album more than once - how do you like it? Do you have any favorites? Are there tracks you don't really like? What do you think of the sound? The songwriting? Is the comparison with the band's work in the 70s justified? And where would you see Hypnotic Eye in the whole body of work of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers?
      Feel free to speak your mind!
    • By WreckMeBaby
      Anybody want to discuss what we have for guitar chords for Hypnotic Eye so far? I have been able to jam along to a few songs. 
      Let's start a thread and see who has what figured out - I really want to play Fault Lines but can't get the chord structure right. I have some ideas for American Dream Plan B, Power Drunk and U Get Me High. 
      Anyone else busting out the guitar and trying to jam along? 
    • By NightDriver
      When I listen to Highway Companion, I always get the feeling that Saving Grace just isn't the right choice for first song. I always get the feeling that Square One (no. 2 on the album) should have been song no. 1. Saving Grace with its powerful roadhouse blues sound just doesn't seem to fit into the album at all. So the conclusion I come to is this: Tom presents a new album to the record company people, they listen to it and have their say. I could imagine that in the case of "Highway Companion" they thought the album in its entirety was too mellow. They needed a rocking tune for a new album by rock icon Tom Petty. So Tom went back to the drawing board and created Saving Grace (or dug it out of the archives).   Same thoughts appear when I contemplate Hypnotic Eye. American Dream Plan B is the album's opener. But does it prepare the listener for what will follow? I don't think so. To me, ADPB is the weakest of the five early releases of Hypnotic Eye, and the most mainstream one. On the album it is followed by Fault Lines, which in my opinion is the perfect way to start an album the band describes as a "a nod to the 60s". Both Fault Lines and the following Red River are very complex songs and have unusual spacy bridges. I can imagine the record company people thought so too and demanded a rocking opener a little more mainstream.   I'm curious if anybody else feels this way too.
    • By NightDriver
      Uncut article on Hypnotic Eye pg3