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Classic Rock Video of the Day II

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So the tennis shoes with no laces were a thing with Tom. This is a different pair than he wore to the Oval Office, but no laces again.  What's that about?  Too lazy to be bothered tying them?   Or is it just a style thing?  How do you keep them on your feet?  I guess move slowly and shuffle your feet?

But........ nice guitar.  And cool song.  

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I noticed the shoes with no strings too from both pix. Not long ago Levi's made slip on shoes like that with elastic inserts on each side, therefore no laces needed. I tried to buy a pair and the only place that had any size under 11 was England. I ordered them, but when they got here the were tie shoes with laces. I basically have that same guitar, but with cats eye sound hole and trapeze tailpiece and it was hand signed for me by the entire band the 1st time I went to The Gorge in WA. I tried to get George Harrison to sign it, but he passed away before he could send the pickguard back to me.

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