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RollingStone.de: New Tom Petty album in October 2013

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Wow, many consider Damn The Torpedoes and Wildflowers two of the best they've made. Hopefully Tom isnt exaggerating.

I think its very encouraging to have them dig down deep and pull out old album tracks during the last tour.

I personally believe that many deeper album cuts from the earlier recordings are better than much of his solo and Willburies output.

I think that is because they were really "locked" as a band, featuring contributions made by all members, and often early takes.

Here's my list of under-appreciated TPATH songs:

Straight Into Darkness

Fooled Again

You Tell Me

Something Big

Mystery Man (LOVE this one!)

Nothing against Ferrone, and no doubt never going to happen, but it would be so great to hear Lynch back in the band for a few songs. He added some Mojo that has been missing (no pun intended)

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