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What happened to Kirstin Candy, on whose album Ron, Steve and Jason played?

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Back in early 2005, I was looking around on the web for CDs by other artists which feature members of the Heartbreakers as guest musicians, and I found one titled "Another Sweet Mess" by an artist I had not heard about before, Kirstin Candy.

Ron Blair and Steve Ferrone play on it, and Steve even sings a duet with Kirstin. There is also a guy playing a lot of the guitars on this album who is known to most people on this board: Jason Sinay (of Dirty Knobs fame). That album is actually the place where I first noticed Jason's playing. And Jim Keltner, the Traveling Wilbury's drummer is there, too. Other notable guests include David Immergl├╝ck of Counting Crows and Davey Faragher (of Cracker, Jackshit, etc.) Engineer Don Smith produced it. It should still be fairly easy to find an inexpensive CD of it on the web today in case you're interested.

I found a cutout of it quite unexpensively and it turned out to be a very enjoyable little record. The real force on the album, however, is none of the guests, but singer/songwriter/keyboardist Kirstin Candy herself. It is beyond me as to why the opening song "Crazy ('Bout You)" was not a hit. I quickly got to love the way Kirstin has got with melodies as a songwriter, so when I found out that same year that she had a new album, it was a no-brainer I got that one, too. "La Vie En Rouge" focusses more on her torch song thing than uptempo tunes which is what "Another Sweet Mess" did and it's more Americana whereas "Mess" is more rock. Bassist Kenny Edwards (RIP) produced it and the only other musician in the credits of "Rouge" that I had heard of before is guitarist Jeff Pevar (of David Crosby's CPR).

Now, that's come out back in 2005, quite some time ago. Now I wonder: Might anyone of you Knobheads know what Kirstin Candy is doing these days? Is she still into music? Is she writing songs and recording? Unfortunately, I could not find anything recent about her on the web except an email adress of her employer in her day job and I don't dare writing to this adress fearing she might run into trouble if somebody like me contacts her through this adress in a non-work matter. Yet, I'm curious to find out if she's still preparing that new album she had in the works a few years ago. So I figured there might be somebody on this board who maybe can tell me a little more about Kirstin Candy?

Thanks for info.

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I remember when that cd came out. It was good! I forgot about it. I'll have to dig it out again. I don't know what happened to her. Maybe she got out of the business.

I must say I'm curious if "Another Sweet Mess" still sounds good to you. It sure does to me (and "La Vie En Rouge", too, by the way). I miss Kirstin's songwriting. Maybe I should dare writing to that email adress of the company she works for? Or would that be too intrusive? What would you do?

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