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Rock the Dogs Announces Club House Contest Raffle!

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Imagine how exciting it is to know I will be on the plane to LA next Friday!! I wish I could pack all of my fellow farmers in my bags. I promise to take pixs and give a detailed report of my meeting with Mike and the VIP treatment. I feel a great responsibility to serve as the eyes and ears of the farm at the clubhouse. I am honored to represent our illustrious group!!!!

Have an Excellent Trip!! Can"t wait to hear the details!!

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Rest assured, I am taking all of you with me!! I will let Mike and Marcie know that we are the true FANS and share a fellowship that is unbelieveable! I just wish I had some real ability to play guitar. I almost gave my ticket to someone who actually played guitar......since I feel somewhat guilty taking the spot of someone who could actually benefit from a guitar lesson. My selfishness has overtaken me and I have chosen to experience it myself. As my piano teacher told me many years ago...I am a music appreciator, not a music doer. I do so love the music!!! I just can't do it myself. May God forgive me for being so selfish! I promise to tell all and make sure you experience it with me......:)

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Amber, I'd do the same if I were in your shoes! There is no way I could give up my chance to spend time in the Clubhouse with Mike. Please give Mike our Farmer love and tell him how much we appreciate him, Marcie, Tazzy and RTD for all they do for the animals. It's very inspiring to know a legend like Mike is so compassionate. Enjoy your trip to the fullest!!! I can't wait to hear about it.

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Just got a minute and am using the hotel computer since my small laptop died. I know you will not believe this, but I forgot my camera and left it in the hotel...duh! But I will describe as much as I can. It will probably take several epilogues to get it right since I experienced sensory overload and a little shock at actually being there. Things come back in waves.

We met up at the Bow Wow Bungalow and I met Primus and saw Barnaby, but it was raining so we did not get to visit the dogs. It is a beautiful place and the dogs are very lucky to be there. Met Maybelline, Darian's bloodhound (such a beauty). We were driven to the clubhouse by Leilani. We were blindfolded as we got in the vicinity so we cannot identify the location..so don't ask. All I know is that it is in LA somewhere.

We got there before Mike and family so had a chance to look around a little before they arrived. The clubhouse is a medium sized shop type building with soundproofed walls and a disco ball hanging in the middle of the ceiling (I know...wth???) In the back of the main room is Benmonts keyboards in a circle. To the right are Steve's drums which you saw Shainne attempting to play. In the middle is an enclosed place where Tom records vocals. I sat where Tom sits, sigh! On the podium were sheets of lyrics. The first was printed from itunes - "Got my Mind Made UP" which cracked me up for some reason. There were other sheets with new song lyrics typed and a legal pad with Tom's handwriting with some lyrics he is working on. Lots of mark-thrus etc. I thought that was really cool.

Guitars line the walls along with many speakers of all ages. Some of which were in the videos Mike did and we got to touch them. Bugs was there. He was very sweet and told us to look everywhere, nothing was off limits. To the left was a table and chairs where they sit and eat. In the rear is a refrigerator and kitchenette type place. On the left is Tom's office with a desk and chair etc. Next to it is a room with the recording equipment in it.

On the walls are pictures and posters that are of special interest to the band. A large picture of Marilyn Monroe. A collage (is that how you spell it?) of many familiar faces covers the wall near the refrigerator. Nearly everyone worth mentioning is in it...Bob, Johnny, Stevie, and most of the greats from the 60s and 70s. There are also personal photographs of June Carter Cash, Johnny, and other friends on the wall. There is an old picture of Mudcrutch and below it is a picture of them now, standing in the same pose. Really cool. Posters from past tours are there and small mementos like a CD cover from an album by Randy Newman and a newspaper article covering the time they opened the Viper for Johnny Depp.

The floor is covered with Persian type rugs. The bathroom is just a bathroom, lol!

Mike, Marcie and Darian arrived with Chester (Mike's bloodhound) and Holly (the small dog). They were very kind and introductions were made all around. We made small talk for awhile (Mike can make small talk just fine, btw). He asked where we all were from and we talked about living in Jacksonville FL (where I was born) in the 60s. He actually knows where the place I live is located, which is more than 99.9% of the world knows.

We sat down to eat. The food was delicious, but I didn't eat much. Hard to eat when you are sitting in the clubhouse next to MC. We talked a while about general stuff. Chester came over and introduced himself to me and gave me his best sad-eyed, I am starving to death and under-loved scam to no avail. They gave me some treats to give him and we became very close buddies. I think I was his new best friend for the night. He eventually pooped out and fell asleep on the floor as you see in the pictures. Our conversation was boring him so he took a nap. Molly would eventually take a treat but wouldn't let me pet her. All the Campbell's had vegan meals (Mike and Darian had a beet and portebella sandwich, Marcie a salad). That must be why Mike and Marcie are so young for their ages.

Mike and Marcie talked about when they met and the early days of their relationship and Mike said she worked as a check-out girl at the supermarket and he was unemployed. He drove her to work in her car...they laughed about how broke they were. Then mentioned that they have been married 36 or 37 years, they forget how many. Mike says he is proud of that. I told him he should be especially considering the fact that most rock n roll stars do not stay married long. Nor do they raise normal kids usually. It must have been difficult at times. He said it was, but they managed to get through them. You can tell that they are very much in love.

Then Mike gave guitar lessons to the guys since I am a music appreciator. Marcie says she is like me...can tell him when it isn't right, but can't play either. So while they played I talked with Shianne and Marcie about many things. Marcie is very beautiful, intelligent and easy to talk to. She was kind and witty. We laughed and I very much enjoyed the visit. Darian is very quiet, polite and handsome. He has recently completed a year of training in dog training and has become the dog trainer for the BWB and Tazzy Fund. I know he will probably have his own reality show one day (look out Ceasar) if he wants it, lol!

About the guitar lessons: When we left the two fellow winners said it was sooo intimidating when Mike played a rift and then waited for them to do it. The pressure was intense......playing in front of the master. My husband asked me why I didn't get Mike to show me a chord or something...I replied "That would be like Michelangelo trying to show someone how to finger-paint"....not gonna waste his time. Darian sat down on the floor and played along with his dad for a bit and it is obvious his looks aren't the only thing he gets from Dad!! He was great!

Mike says TPATH is planning a week long stint in NY soon (sort of like the Fillmore) and they are excited about that. Also the Merry Minstrel show will likely be two nights this December and will be phenomenal (so start saving up now)!

It was now about 9 pm, so we began making our way out. Bugs gave me a guitar pic from the clubhouse which Marion will post a picture of here soon. Got hugs from the entire family (except for Holly who still wasn't sure).

It was an event I will always remember as a great night in my life. I am grateful to the Tazzy Fund for offering this opportunity for those of us who cannot pay $6000 on ebay. They plan to do it again, so do not think you have missed out forever.

I just got off the treadmill at the hotel and am looking forward to tonight. Mike has a new guitar out that I will get to see and says the Knobs have some new stuff they plan to play. I am supposed to get to go back stage before the show.....so will report on that too.

Do not know if this is the report you wanted to hear or not. Hope it is. Sorry about no pictures, but the guys that accompanied me took some and promise to send them to me and I will post them here later.

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