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8 hours ago, nurktwin said:


Richard Dodd Interview

A must see for musicians and people that want to be musicians. Almost 2 hours long, so grab a beer, sit back and listen. Don't miss a second of this!! Richard Dodd is the Engineer and Producer of the stars, including Tom Petty, George Harrison, The Wilburys, and many more listed in the interview. This is fantastic!!!!


I agreeeee!  ...he makes the whole process so fascinating

I watched this during a holiday break & loved it every second of it - just like you say, don't miss a second. For some reason the dogs even sat beside me and watched it too. (Probably in hope of food 😄)

This is even though  I have never set foot in studio (& never will except on a tourist guided-tour or something).

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Alan Parsons interview.

Alan being an engineer at Abbey Road, working with The Beatles, Hollies, Pink Floyd and many more. Engineer for "The Dark Side Of The Moon" by PF, traveled to LA to get grammy award for "Dark Side" but lost to Stevie Wonder!!!


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