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Jones House and Soho Stories and Reviews August 24-25

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So I know a lot of you want to see photos. I do have some, but it seems impossible to create another album here. I tried earlier and today and it will not work. I get photos from other occasions in the album etc... so - I decided to post them on facebook instead.

If you are interested in them feel free to go there :)

(They are not up yet - but soon.)

These two gigs back to back were both awesome. To stand in a garden four blocks away from your own and enjoy these two bands in the wonderful soft air was beyond words. To not having to drive all night home was of course and extra plus.

The band seemed to have a good time on stage. They rocked our socks to the core. The setlist: unless they changed some - I can't remember all - was :

Can't Leave You Alone

All She Wrote

Mama Told Me

Balls Off



Easy Wind


Funky Monkey

In From The Storm

Roll Over Beethoven

Her Blues

Hey Joe

She Said

Feed The Snake.

To me everything sounded great!! I always love the interaction between the musicians. and Mike and Jason did their thing again. The collaboration and very long intros when someone's guitar needed to be exchanged - No names mentioned :) it was all sweet music to my ears.

Then Soho. The same thing. A wait full of expectations. Good food, good friends. Both kids getting a second knobbing. The band comes in, The music starts... and again I am blown away.

I'm sorry I am such a bad reviewer but I am darn sure someone can put it out there better. We all know what I mean, right?

Oh almost forgot... One extra bonus was to hear Mike talk about his guitars. He had looked at an old Rickenbacker at home, struck a chord and decided he would play this one tonight. The chord he struck sounded really like the first chord in Beatles' A Hard Day's Night. Correct me if I am wrong. I can take it :)

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Setlist from tonight. More pictures to follow

Woo! You got a key chain too!

Hi everybody! Manda and I got home safe and sound Sunday night, but bushed! We took a side trip to Solvang, and raided the bakeries! I would have stopped in to see Lotta, but she was taking her son to the airport. Next time, Lotta!

Manda really enjoyed the Knobs, but she was shy and watched from the back. I took a few shots from near the front, but went to the back too, after a few songs. Missed Mike swiping Kianna's hat, Dammit!

Brandon, I got your PM alert, but my messages box is full and I can't access it. :085: It was great to meet you and your wife, so glad you 2 could make it, hopefully you can come to another show soon!

Marcia, your photos are great!

I am only now getting a chance to look at the pics I took, but they probably won't be too exciting, it was a lively crowded evening, after all! Who knows, there is usually at least one gem!

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Loved seeing everyone and I love reading the stories and comments. I'll have a few more photos and comments myself tomorrow. I really need to get to bed! Darn it, I'm still on California time and I'm up past my bedtime. tired-sleeping-smiley-17369.bmp It's back to work for me tomorrow.

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I have just now had a chance to sit down to comment. Didn't get home till Monday morning and had to teach Monday evening...then I had a Dr's appointment today..so I am really pooped! Still do not know what day it is or what time it is.

I had a blast!! Loved meeting so many farmers and spending time with the ones I have met before. Loved going to Lotta's house and meeting her children (furry ones and not so furry ones too). The band seems to get better every time I see them. They seemed to be having so much fun this weekend.

One funny story: Mike and Jason were about to start a song ( Mike was playing the 12 string he said has a hard time staying tuned), and Mike said "someone is out of tune". Jason said "yeah, it's you." Mike says, "why do you automatically think it's me?" So Mike told Jason to play a little - and he did. Then Mike played a little and said "it is me!" Jason said "you never listen to me" or something like that. Then Mike tried to tune the guitar, then said "Oh well, I just won't play that string." Jason cracked up.

I love watching and listening to the conversations among the band members. Thanks to Mike, Jason and Matt for coming out and chatting with the farmers. It is really great to see that they are "just folks" as we say in the south, and not all wrapped up in the "Rock God" image.

Although it is common knowledge that Mike is one the greatest guitarist of all time (even Rolling Stone says so), Jason can make those strings sing too. I am impressed with the way he follows Mike and manages to make it all sound planned when it is obvious if you read the expressions on the band's faces that they do not always have a clue where he is going. I think the uncertainty of it all is what makes such an edgy, powerful show.

Matt sang one song and has a great rock n roll voice. It was awesome! Lance just hangs in there pulling it all together with that back beat bass. Unassuming, but an essential part of the whole sound that is the Dirty Knobs.

Thanks for the double-header guys!! This trip was a birthday present to myself. Thanks to the band and the farmers for making this birthday one I will always remember.

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I only took a few decent pictures this time. Here are mine from Soho.

Here is Lance's Dino bass.


You know Ape is getting' down when he gets up on his toes! I love those moments!


They had such a great time! I had a great view from my spot. I could see everyone including Matt.


It's so much fun going to two shows in a row and they are always different. Both of the shows were very good.

Here are a few pictures from Jones House. They really were playing in the Jones' backyard! The stage was so cool. I love the Playboy Pinball machine. The trees were cool too.



I wonder about this leather guitar case. It looked like a soft case. I've never seen one like that before. I wonder what the story is on it.











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Amber, I loved your review. I feel the same way! You said it all very well. I'm really tired tonight so my review will have to wait.

Lotta, I saw your photos on FB and they are excellent! You have to get them over here!

Marcia, Marcia and Brandon. Thanks for sharing you photos. They are great too!!


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Amber during the shows I was actually thinking Jason is on par with Mike as being one of the greatest guitar players of all time.

Actually you gotta thank Sarah for the pictures, she took all of them, pictures were the last thing on my mind, I was on cloud nine.

A few notes from the show at Jones House... Mike head a scream from the audience and asked Sarah if it was her (it wasn't) and said it was a perfect G.

There was no encore, the crowd was broken up by the cops 'cause of numerous noise complaints.

After the show we're standing outside and Mike is coming out and going to dart across the street in front of a car and Marian yelled to him to look both ways.

On the way back to our car we ran into Jason and talked for a bit, he said they didn't play their best and were out of practice and the show at the SOho would be better.

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I love your recounts of the weekend all! Ha ha, that little story about being out of tune is hysterical! It's those little moments that make each show special.

I remember one show, not sure where, when Jason forgot the lyrics while they were trying to sing Dedicated Follower of Fashion. He'd flub and laugh, then that would get the others laughing.

Amber, what perfect timing for you. Happy Birthday, indeed!

Thanks again everyone for all the great photos, too!

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Brandon, I forgot about Mike running into the street! haha! That was my mother instinct kicking in. He was darting out between two parked cars and just like a little boy he wasn't looking and there were cars coming! I hollered to him, "look both ways" and just like a good boy, he stopped and did! Too cute.

I really enjoyed being with everyone at these gigs. It was so nice to meet new fans Brandon and Sarah for the first time and see them get their first Knobbin'! There is nothing like it! I think they are so hooked now. It's so exciting! And Amber, you're a great travel buddy. I loved sharing the show with you. Lotta, you are a great hostess! Loved the tour of your little town.

And the guys were on fire both nights and were having such a great time. The vibe was groovy! Jason was smokin' hot!! I agree, Brandon. I don't know why he is not famous, he is so good! animal-smiley-054.gif

And what can I say about Matt and Lance? Everyone takes the drummer and bass player for granted I think because they just quietly play but I've got some video from a good angle of Matt and Lance that makes you realize just how good they are how much they are add to the sound of that band. Mike doesn't really want me to post a video but I don't think I can stand it anymore. I may just have to break down and do it!

Years ago Mike started out with Steve Ferrone and Ron Blair in his band and when Matt and Lance replaced them I thought jeez, they have some big shoes to fill. But, I think it turned out to be for the best because this makes it totally Mike's band and they are the Dirty Knobs. And Mike has written some really, really good songs! Enough that he could really put out a cd and should! I wonder if we will ever see that.

Mike once again blew me away with his amazing talent. We got two wonderful shows different and both exciting. I love it in Soho when everyone is dancing so hard that you feel the floor shake under your feet. This band thrilled me to the core!!

Thanks, Dirty Knobs!!

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