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Error message when uploading photos

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photo upload is giving me a hard time.

Every time my jpegs are uploaded the thumbnail processor has a major problem.

This is the error message:

Error creating thumbnail! Error code: 127


"/usr/bin/mogrify" +profile "*" -size 100x67 -quality 70 -geometry 100x67 -unsharp 10 '/home/pizan99/public_html/photos/data/676/thumbs/1024_P1010376.jpg'

Could you check that?


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Okay, photo upload is working!

Thanks, Ryan!

I still can't upload a zip file (10 MB), though. I don't get an error message after upload, the page just flashes and nothing happens.

Could you do me a favor and delete the photos again?

I've mixed up different sizes.

I'll re-upload them via zip file (fingers crossed)...

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