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Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers RAH June 20, 2012

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So much going on here now but wanted to share this amazing night with the Farm. Got to meet up with Amanda (pettybreaker) and Johni for this show.

Amanda had booked the same hotel as me (The Abbey Court) and we had lots of fun things planned for the week (but that's another thread, lol!).

Anyway…getting back to the concert. We left the hotel early and walked to the Royal Albert Hall. You walk through Hyde Park and it is absolutely beautiful!! Flowers and everything so green. The Hall, too, is a gorgeous venue….my favorite after MSG. We all agreed we would not go in for the opening act…..it was fun just hanging out outside. Saw Steve Ferrone…Steve Winwood and a lady we all thought was Patti Boyd. I wanted to go up and say hi and say how much I loved the book again but did not want to bother her so we all went inside.

My sister was in my choir seat and Amanda had a great ticket for me. Lights go down and the crowd roars!! Here they are….Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers!! Everyone is on their feet and are loving every song. The guys looked so good and the sound was amazing…like I was hearing these songs for the first time!!

It was so cool to look into the crowd and see so many smiling faces!! Amanda was saying this is not done in the UK, lol! But everyone felt the music so much…how can you just sit!! Early in the show…Mike looked over my way. He smiled but I was not sure he remembered me. Well, during his solo on Mary Jane..he did that pointy guitar thing……smiled before it…..and then looked up and nodded to me after it. Well, my knees sure got weak after that….that made my night, or so I thought.

It was over much too fast for all of us….and the band was taking bows and soaking in all the love. They all made their way around….coming close where I was standing. Mike comes over and puts out his hand….I shake it say great show and say it's Beth (still thinking he might not remember). Mike says yes, he remembers me and big smile…..they are gone now. I look down in my hand and it is Mike's wrist band……:heart:

We stand out by the stage door for awhile…..see Steve Ferrone again (Amanda talks about being in school with him) and also, Olivia Harrison walked by.

A beautiful night……beautiful venue and a rocking American band!! Thank you, Tom Petty and the Heartbreaks……and thank you so much, Mike :)

I wanted to post these by themselves but my computer is slow with that...FB loads so much faster....so here you go:


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Oh, I am so glad you can see the photos...I was going to say, I would try and do each one separate..

My new camera is not good in low light and these were taken with my smaller camera...except that first pic of Patti (Boyd) and me. Amanda took that :)

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Forgot to explain about the pic of me and Patti that Amanda took. I was standing on the steps when I saw the lady we all thought was Patti Boyd go past. Yes, that was her...she comes back in and Steve Winwood is now on the stage.....thunderous applause!! He is handed his guitar and starts into Can't Find My Way Home> Patti says to us she will hang out a bit.....will go after the song, not wanting to upset people getting back into her seat. A beautiful lady.....very cool to share that...

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