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Horsens, DK

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So, now I've got something from yesterday.

My camera sucked when it came to taking pictures, so I have got one video and a few pics.

(When I think about it, the video sucks, too. Oh well...)

Youtube is still uploading...

We were waiting for them to open up the gates. Of course I chose the one that was the slowest. People just rushed to the scene when they were let in, while we still stood in our line.

Finally I was there and I was lucky to get the almost last best seat.

Good music and a great view, I really had a good time, trying to convince them all how much we loved them, lol!

There was another group which played before TPATH. I think the lead singer looked a bit like Tom, with long hair and a beard.

TPATH played in approximately two hours. It went fast, it always does.


Here is the prison:


Here is the warm-up group:


(The lead singer to the left has got black hair, I know...)

The only picture from the concert which I was satisfied with:


One video:


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^ It is a museum where you can see things from history of crime, for example prisoners' clothing and belongings.

One of the things should be a plastic tooth brush, sharpened in the end and used as a weapon in the prison. It could kill a man if used as some kind of knife.

Here is a review from one of our papers. I have used Google Translate, so some of it may sound like nonsense...

25 years after they shone as a gray evening up in prison, and it was certainly worth the wait.

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers plays all-American rock'n'roll of the most timeless sort, so a quarter century represents a stylistic trifle in their wonderful world.

Relaxed Groove

Ensemble is really not very original, for inspiration in particular from The Byrds, Bob Dylan and Neil Young is obvious, but veterans' formidable interaction is in turn in an absolute master class, and it was the sextet's teamwork and superb workmanship that was seancens amazing experience.

The group from Gainesville, Florida may have a little disarming tendency to become too complacent, and initially enjoyed gentlemen of the 5000 attendees at a relatively laid back and peaceful groove.

But 'Good Enough' struck sparks after half an hour, and the remaining 113 minutes of the show was a wonderful show of a band that can play all kinds of traditional rock'n'roll with an exquisite combination of perfection and nerve.

'It's Good to Be King' was majestic in a marathon edition, and Led Zeppelin-like 'I Should Have Known It "blared bombastic through the twilight.

Overwhelming solos

Unlike Metallica on Wednesday, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers played inside the prison courtyard and concert venue served the monumental environment excellent. None had shown desire to flee toward the end of a milling 'Refugee'.

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers seemed simply delighted to be here, and it must also be an undivided pleasure to stand side by side with guitarist Mike Campbell, who is rarely tasteful and complete virtuoso who knows how to administer its overwhelming solos.

'Runnin' Down a Dream 'as well as extra tracks' Mary Jane's Last Dance' and 'American Girl' topped a memorable night out in dazzling fashion, and the gratitude shone from the faces both on and in front of the stage.

Tom Petty will be 86 if he and The Heartbreakers wait 25 years before touring Denmark again. Even at that age, he is certainly far better than most others. Let us hope someone locks him in so we can experience it all over again tomorrow.

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A dream come true. I saw Tom in the first row. I stood in front of him. I do not believe it until now. All I will discuss in detail later, because that just flew in from Denmark.

This is about me and my friends from the official . (From Russia to the concert was 15 fans) : "Russian fans lined the front row holding signs saying "Russia Loves Tom" welcoming the band onstage as dusk fell shortly after 9 pm. "

When my friends arrive from Danmark too , it will be a lot videos and photos.


And Tom threw me his guitar pick.


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On boy, do I envy you!

You were the ones who threw some things on the stage after the concert, right?

You may have been on the page where I found pics of Tom. I don't want to upload that picture in here, in case you'd like to remain anonymous! ;)

I am looking forward to seeing more pictures.

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