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Twitter Chat tip -

The official site is recommending a search in Twitter.

For events like this where the conversation will move very fast, I like TweetChat.com. You need a twitter account to use it, and it's easy to follow and participate through.

LOL AmyLou. The official hashtag is #TompettyTCS. How about #HighwayCompanionClubRenewConfusion ??

I also am wondering if @benchten will be tweeting during the tweetchat? Will @benchten & @tompetty tweet to each other? Retweet each other?

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"cut and paste the whole chat" will be a challenge, to say the least. A twitter chat is like...hmm, not even sure how to start describing this.

Imagine you're at a large arena with 10,000 of your closest friends. Tom is sitting on the stage and everyone's trying to get his attention. The questions and answers come fast and furious in real-time for as long as the chat goes - let's say an hour.

Some people ask questions:

"Luv me some @tompetty R U coming to Detroit?"

"Who designed the new logo - love it!"

Some will hold up signs with song lyrics:

"the days went by like paper in the wind/everything changed/then changed again - totally describes my life!"

Others repeat (called "retweeting") what's been asked

"RT @yournamehere Luv me some @tompetty R U coming to Detroit?"

While still others will be annoying:


And occasionally you'll see responses from @tompetty that will be retweeted and reinterpreted ad naseum:

@yournamehere "We'll be in Detroit June 12 - hope to see you there!"

Those small responses are the equivalent of a look in your direction from Tom during a concert. You know - one of those magical moments.

For example, I went to a Lyle Lovett concert this summer and rushed home to post "@LyleLovett at Soaring Eagle in Mt. Pleasant - wow! Good stuff!" Imagine my delight when I signed into my twitter account the next day to see that Lyle had replied, "@mynamehere Mt. Peasant MI is a beautiful place. All the folks with Soaring Eagle were really nice to us today. The audience was great."

That's the very long way around to say - we'll do our best! It will be a big challenge, but I'm sure that collectively we'll report the essence of what's said.

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I hope we can all get on. I have seen times when Twitter is having too much activity and you can't get in--that will be my luck.

Twitter hardly ever works for me.

That's why I never get on; although, I do have an account.

I just learned what a hashtag was today... so that tells you how little I am on Twitter.

And it's because I can only use 140 characters and I talk a LOT.

Haha. Chirp. Chirp Tweet Tweet.

I'll try and get on and ask a question though. Should be fun!

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Thanks for explaining that!

I've got a new account there (okay, I admit it - I wanted to win the signed box set), but I felt a little lost.

Music used to be about hashpipes, now it's about hashtags...geez... ;-)

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Thanks for the link. It sucks that I probably won't be able to see it; will be at work. #notnecessarilyworking

ETA: Pacific time. Still, I won't be connected. Is the conversation available for view later? (I am twitter-illiterate)

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Benmont tweeted me!!!

benmont tench III @benchten replied to you:

reply-icon.png image_normal.jpg benchten benmont tench III

@SusanMolls Think I'll leave it to Tom to handle... But I'll be following it, curious to hear what's on people's minds. Always here, though!

Dec 15, 2:56 PM via Twitter for iPhone

In reply to… crop3_normal.png SusanMolls Susan Molls

@benchten Will you be tweeting with Tom Petty this afternoon?

Dec 15, 2:43 PM via web


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Glad to hear he's tweeting up some Farmers! I watched @tompetty and then click on whoever the reply is @ to. Then a friend called and I lost track...

Can you bring a diverse setlist on this tour?

Yes I promise

How do you remain fresh after over 30 years of touring?

Lots of vitamins

Are more dates coming besides those announced? Will you be doing more of North America in 2012?

yes there is but too soon to know details, it's early days

What's the most perfect song you've ever heard?

I don't know.

What are the chances of you reprising your cover of Fats Domino's 'I'm Walkin' at the New Orleans Jazz Fest next year?

I don't know, it's a nice idea

#TPH2012 any other UK tour dates? #hardrockcalling perhaps

Maybe, I hope so

@tompetty What's the best bit of wisdom/advice you have ever received? #TPH2012

Not sure I've had any

With a catalog as extensive as yours, is it ever difficult to strike the right balance when it comes to a set list?


Hey Tom vinyl records are back do you prefer vinyl as a way of releasing your music

Yes, absolutely

When did you first realise the power of music, and do you still feel that power as strongly as ever?

i don't know, i guess as a young boy and yes of course i still feel that

Tom, please say what it is that it takes for you to come to Spain and I´ll do it! Never played in Spain, have you?

would love to go there maybe someone will book me

I would like advice on writers block I'm sure in almost 40 years youve experienced it. What do you do?

writer's block is just insecurity, you just have to plough through

Do you find twitter a difficult medium to reply to questions and do interviews through given the 140 character limit?

Yes, very frustrating

When writing a song, would you go with lyrics first then music or music first then lyrics?

Whatever works

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