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^:) I like your blog!

03/21/11: I made us fried eggs on muffins with sliced tomatoes, brown mustard and Jarlsberg cheese for breakfast - basically what was handy, since I was in a hurry.

First words out of BF's mouth was 'Egg McMuffin' , then he bit into it and he exclaimed, "You're a Foodie!"

"So are you!", I fired back. (a bit lamely)

He worked as a waiter at Sardi's as a young lad, and has never looked back. My weak efforts at eggs N' muffins pale compared to his.

Tonight I had left overs of Roasted chicken and Mexican rice.

Tomorrow is movie night and Constance is bringing spaghetti sauce. Stay tuned.

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eggs, bacon and broccoli for breakfast

salad w/mahi for lunch

dinner? maybe burgers w/ground turkey and beef, zucchini....

(which was gross - not in the mood for it, ate half and the dogs loved the rest)

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For breakfast: 2 packets of Target brand fruit snacks

For lunch, a $7.00 salad. WTF? For 7 dollars (actually, closer to 8 dollars when tax is figured in), the least the restaurant could have given me crackers that weren't all broken.

I don't know what's for supper, grandpa.

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