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My "Seeing the Elephants" weekend at PAWS

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Hey, Farmers, I will be gone a few days so I wanted to let everyone know where I will be. I will be spending the weekend with the rescued animals of PAWS. That is the Performing Animal Welfare Society in San Andreas, CA. We will learn about the needs of captive elephants including foot care....we will meet all of them. Including the newest rescued bull, Sabu. We will also have an insider's tour of the habitat and walk their beautiful home. Pat Derby and Ed Stewart, the founders of PAWS, will be there, too.

I am just so excited about this weekend....I want to learn more about these gentle giants....

Here is a link that explains it all. We will be staying 2 days in a beautiful B&B, too....so many photos to come!!


This is my most favorite photo from PAWS, taken by my FB friend, photographer for PAWS, Lisa Jeffries. She is coming special on Saturday to meet me. :)


This photo reminds me of a fine oil painting...like one of Landseer's.....:heart:

Leaving very early on Friday and coming back very late on Monday....can't wait!!!

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I forgot is is this weekend, Beth and never had time to look into going too..

I really look forward to your review. You use to make me feel I was there with you.

HAve a wonderful time!! A safe trip, and take a zillion photos. Next time - come by - :):)

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Thanks, Liz and Barb....:heart:

Was so looking forward to this weekend…since January when I scheduled it all. We arrived in Sacramento early Friday morning…..got a car and drove to our B&B. What a beautiful and comfortable place to stay. Flowers were coming up already and the grass was so green. Our hosts were Karen and Bill told us they had lived in NJ so we had lots to talk about. Each room has a theme and we stayed in the Carousel Room. It was big and had a loveseat with a franklin fireplace. :)

The parlor had port and sherry if you wanted and always cookies :)



Bill always placed a sprig of rosemary on our beautifully prepared breakfast plates....I wish I could leave my rosemary in the ground here..


The next day we were up early and met the others who would be sharing this "seeing the elephants" with us. What a breakfast!! Fresh fruit…a cold fruit soup…scrambled eggs…french toast…I should have brought my camera down to take pics! Ark 2000 (PAWS) was just a short drive away. We got to the beautiful gate and parked along the many other cars. There was Pat Derby and Ed Stewart…the founders of PAWS!! I really am here!!

Here is a photo of Pat and one of the rescued tigers....I loved hearing her speak about the rescues...these animals are the lucky ones...


We drove up to our first stop….the tigers and lions and bears. The lions were recently rescued from Bolivia. Loved the happy sounds they were making and Pat and Ed told us more about them. What a beautiful place they now can call home.

We drive on to the elephants....such a beautiful home they all have...



We park and there is sweet Annie eating her meal….


Another of Annie and Sabu on the hill...


I think these two are Wanda and Gypsy. They both walked off to nap in the CA sun….sweet dreams, girls.


We walk up to the Elephant Lake. Ed gets the African girls to come down to see us all..but they were already wanting to see us. I could not get over the beautiful scenery….these girls and the bulls get to wake up to this beauty every single day. Ed and Pat talk to us about all the elephants…..I loved hearing their stories. You hear so much love in their voices…..these elephants (all the animals here) are truly the lucky ones. We must continue to do what we can to spread the word of no animals in circuses…..abuse of any kind must be stopped. Education and the learning is the way we end it. PAWS is active in all aspects of animal rescue and education.


Lunch time! We all walk back to the beautifully set table. I wish I took pics of it!! Each of us received a PAWS insulated lunch kit with a delicious veggie meal inside!! Ed shared out table and I loved talking with him. The elephants were all there watching us..but Ed had given them all treats, too, so they did not feel left out. :)


The weather was absolutely perfect! I was watching the weather for San Andreas since January, lol!! When it got closer to the time for us to come….it had said rain. This weekend is rain or shine….so I brought my umbrella and raincoat, too. But a week before, the sun was going to be out this day…YAY!! Not too hot…a gentle breeze…..sunshine and elephants…..what more could I ask for. I could have stood here all day :heart:


I got to share this weekend with another FB friend. She was just as excited as I was! I also got to meet the photographer for PAWS, Lisa Jeffries. She is also one of my FB friends and it was so great to meet her, too. She took this pic of Ed, Pat and me and a few more...I love the PAWS logo on it. :D I met Brian, too, who cares for these elephants.


Lunch finished (yum!!) and we learn more about the bull elephants…Nicholas and Sabu. We go into the one bull barn and learn about protective contact the keepers use. Nicholas was such a smart boy….

Here is Nicholas and me....


We viewed the newest bull barn still in progress. Bob Barker has gave so much of himself to help these elephants and all the animals of PAWS. God bless him….

I loved walking the habitat these elephants call home. The mountains and trees just went on and on…..you wish all elephants could know this safety and love and be in such a safe eden.



Fred loved this weekend, too. This night we went out to dinner driving to Angels Camp. My FB friend came, too, and we loved the food at Crusco's. Great italian food...we talked and stayed so long!!


This was a long enough day but I could have stayed there forever. Time to go…hugs to Pat and Ed and Lisa. What a perfect magical day... The next day we would be going to Galt to see the animals there.

So those and more pics to come.....:)

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Thank you, Barb...it truly is an amazing place. Here is their web site for all who want to know more about this sanctuary:


PAWS is not just for elephants, these lions were rescued from Bolivia....the rescue was funded by Bob Barker.....thank you, Mr. Barker :heart:


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