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Found 14 results

  1. Mark Felsot just announced on TPR: On Wednesday, July 29, they’ll be premiering a never-before-heard song from Tom.
  2. Mark Felsot posted in the TPN Facebook group this morning that they’re doing “Mojo Madness” all weekend on TPR since it’s Mojo’s 9th birthday. What interested me specifically was his mentioning that they’ll be playing a song from the Mojo sessions never before heard on TPR. I guess what I’m wanting to find out is, has it also never been heard by me? 😂 I don’t currently have TPR, so if anyone’s listening this morning and hears the song, would you mind sharing what it is? The suspense is killing me! 😂 (and if anyone happens to record it if it’s not something we’ve heard before, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to anyone sharing it 😜😂)
  3. The Gainesville Music History Foundation is spearheading the effort to turn Tom's childhood home, 1715 NE 6th Terrace, into a historically designated landmark and a museum. Here’s where you can donate: http://www.gmhfi.org/tph/ (Admins, if this isn’t allowed, I apologize.)
  4. Can anyone help identify these autographs and if this is tom petty
  5. On November 3rd, The Texas Burn Survivor Society will be auctioning off a SIGNED Tom Petty Guitar with a signed certificate of authentication. A link to the auction can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pianos-and-pints-tickets-38596544303
  6. Hi! I’m a huge Tom Petty fan and I also make metal artwork. I just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Tom Petty fans. Please take a look at it and if you like what I’m trying to make, please support the project, or at least re-post it to help me get the word out! I would really appreciate it! Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions! Thank you! www.kickstarter.com/projects/881615499/tom-petty-caricature-metal-wall-art-make-100
  7. In celebration of 13 years of Mudcrutch Farm I have put together a playlist of the most sinister TPATH tracks of all time. Let's kick this off.... VVVV -- Scroll down through the thread to listen to the tracks along with some comments -- VVVV The Unlucky 13 13... Can't Stop The Sun 12... Turn this Car Around 11... The Golden Rose 10... Grew Up Fast 9.... This Old Town 8.... House in the Woods 7.... Supernatural Radio 6.... Mary Jane's Last Dance - LIVE - 1999 - The Hamburg Docks 5.... Don't Come Around Here No More, LIVE 1990 4.... Refugee - LIVE - Pack up the Plantation 3.... Lonesome Sundown 2.... Good Enough, Mojo 1.... Won't Be Wrong - Tom/Howie Duet - Cover
  8. May 6th will be my first Tom Petty concert. What have they had for sale at merch tables in the past that they may have again this tour?
  9. Hey guys! This will be my first time seeing tom petty and mudcrutch EVER. Ive been a fan all my life. Anyone down to grab some drinks before waiting in the line at Humphreys?
  10. The 40th anniversary of TPATH debut album is coming! To celebrate this important date I would like to make a video with TPATH fans all over the world to thank our favorite band for 40 years of great music and emotions. If you have enough courage to show your face on YouTube just for couple of seconds, join this group for further information. https://www.facebook.com/groups/136701163443464/ If you are interested but you don't have a Facebook account, you can send me a private message here. I'm counting on you!
  11. Good piece here on Tom Petty: http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/pages/tom_petty
  12. Hi everybody, First, I hope I won't offend anybody by posting this. I try to find the rules for this forum but couldn't find it. Please remove if inappropriate. I am a fan of Tom Petty. I always loved his use for vintage instruments. Love his songs as well as his unique voice. Since I am a musician, I missed his show he did in Montreal. I was playing. Hopefully next time. I also work part time in a music store in Montreal Canada call Diplomate Musique. We have the Tom Petty Fender Kingman acoustic signature model in store. And it's still for sale. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I will leave the contact info: Phone: 514 274 5413 E-mail: info@musiquediplomate.com Thanks
  13. Do your own research if you want.... I did mine and found this sneaky little spot that seems to be valid based on some interviews I found this spot and they had lots of gear some with heartbreakers logos on them... maybe just a storage spot but that would be a perfect location for a secret clubhouse. When there and asked around and was kinda rushed away. Maybe i'm onto something? I'll post more if I turn up any further info. - David
  14. From the album: Memorabilia

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