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  1. Expanding on the idea of the "Songs Tom Should cover"-thread we can discuss the reverse here, so to speak: Covers of Petty songs. What are your favorites? Do you like covers of songs by our favorite artist at all? Do you find certain cover versions distinctively disgusting? Is there a point in covering Tom Petty to begin with? And what is it that makes a cover version good? Many years ago, I bought the You Got Lucky-sampler you all may know on which indie-bands cover different Tom Petty songs. I remember not liking the album very much and I hence haven't heard it in years... to my ears, back then, the songs just lacked the certain Petty-ness I so much enjoy in the originals. Then again, I like Stevie Nicks' cover of Free Fallin' from the Party-of-Five soundtrack. I don't know why exactly, but compared to John Mayer's version - that I just can't come to grips with - she did a decent job covering what is in my opninion an otherwise uncoverable song. But enough of my thus far only poorly elaborated thoughts on the subject! Over to you.
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