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Found 1 result

  1. Oh, how some of you been waiting for this one! Here it is finally! How strange we never had a thread going about this before! How strange that I am the one starting it! How strange! How wonderful! I seem to recall many threads being derailed due to our passion for discussing various aspects of TPATH's flair to extend certain songs live, to jam it out. So why not collect our thoughts about this phenomenon right here? I know some of us like their 20 minutes instrumentals with a fever that borders addiction, while others prefer it short, sweet and close to the studio versions, but I was thinking that this thread could be dedicated to the why and how come. Also when, on what songs? For example, we know how they liked to do this type of things to new songs that was to become live-only songs, but feel free to post examples of any kind! Myself, I am not a jam man per design. I think it's a fine line between those times when a song is lifted to the higest level of art thanks to a good inspired and mind bending jam, and when they fall apart into an endless snooze fest with little point passed showing off. But when it works, it's quite amazing! Perhaps, needless to say, I think there seem to be a connection between how many times a song is cherry picked for this type of treatment and how well it ends up. In short - the songs the decide Again, I know some of this has been discussed many times, most recently in the TDIHWTUOHCQ thread, but to kick this off (and sorry for any repetition) I would say that among my personal favorite TPATH jam moments out of these more frequent ones, the best examples of when they really reach that higher level of one conciousness: * Dog on The Run (several early versions, 77/78 era, as displayed below, from the 77 Record Plant sessions), * Fooled Again (some pretty spacey, versions from the 70s) * Melinda (most versions are splendid!) * Crystal River (most versions are splendid, especially from 2008!) * Tweeter & The Monkey Man (2013 only, but what a performance - 10 minutes of bliss at the Fonda!) * Mary Jane's Last Dance (this song is almost always fantastic, but some of the extended more free form versions are totally exceptional!) As for full shows, some had more of this than others, obviously. But as a great example, one can see/hear TPATH at the top of this particular game, in many instances, on the Winterland, SF, 1978 show, where they treated the audience to an absolutely over the top rendition of Dark SIde Of The Street, a somewhat strange fun ending to Casa Dega as well as some of the mentioned Fooled Again spookiness. The frequently extended titles that I think works fine, even stunningly on occasion, but also oftentimes become routine and even boring: * Shout (Not my favorite cover, but their 77/78 era take had some especially great jams) * Breakdown (Intense, at its best, very routine at its lesser moments) * Don't Come Around Here No More. (Say no more.) * TDIHWTUOHCQ (I suppose this one never got into routine mode... Great! Nevertheless, I wouldn't rank it among my very top favorites.) * The Other Side of The Mountain (Just one tour, of course, but there were a few really cool versions of this somewhat unexpected masterpiece!) The ones that I think, for the most part don't do much for me when extended or "trip:ed out", either by default or by being vastly overplayed: * Two Men Talking * Spike (To me it's a misconception that this song is even in the market for marathon treatment. Not more so than Yer So Bad, really.) * IGTBK * Gloria * Mystic Eyes Extras: Three songs that rarely have been treated to really loooong jams, and hence may not really belong in this thread, more than wishful thinking. That is, with a tendency to routine and/or perhaps a minute or two too short to really expand into stellar drive, they come in short of their potential most of the time. * Runnin' Down A Dream (Great versions exists, of course! 2006 Gaineville is out of this world. But they could have had that as a minimum, or at least an average, instead of an all time high.) * ISHKI (Huge potential as a looong heavy jam song. But I don't hear neither 10% Zeppelin nor 50% top rate TPATH jam in most renditions, so... Again, oftentimes too short to really take of the way its character promises possible. * Luna (A song that they never took far enough, and that was rarely played at all. But one that I think could have been extremely fantastic in a 7-8 minute deep, weird space jam version.)
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