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Found 3 results

  1. On the one-year anniversary of Tom Petty’s passing, let’s rewind and take a listen to the band that has best represented American Rock music in the past 40 years. Giving them the nod as the quintessential American rock and roll band is no small honor. Petty and his boys owned the package of accessibility, writing, passion and sweet-ass rock and roll hooks. Here for you, my friends, is the RockForward list of Petty’s 7 Essential Albums (and a couple that were too good to leave off). Rockforward.com Tom Petty Essential 7
  2. In celebration of 13 years of Mudcrutch Farm I have put together a playlist of the most sinister TPATH tracks of all time. Let's kick this off.... VVVV -- Scroll down through the thread to listen to the tracks along with some comments -- VVVV The Unlucky 13 13... Can't Stop The Sun 12... Turn this Car Around 11... The Golden Rose 10... Grew Up Fast 9.... This Old Town 8.... House in the Woods 7.... Supernatural Radio 6.... Mary Jane's Last Dance - LIVE - 1999 - The Hamburg Docks 5.... Don't Come Around Here No More, LIVE 1990 4.... Refugee - LIVE - Pack up the Plantation 3.... Lonesome Sundown 2.... Good Enough, Mojo 1.... Won't Be Wrong - Tom/Howie Duet - Cover
  3. Deliver Me (Long After Dark) Waiting For Tonight (Playback, Full Moon Fever sessions I believe) Scare Easy (Mudcrutch, 2008) All You Can Carry (Hypnotic Eye) Red River (Hypnotic Eye) One great thing about the music is that every time I hear any of his/the band's albums there is one song that sounds better than it ever has, if that makes sense. I would love to hear anyone else's list.
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