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  1. aaaah. Im so stupid! Yes I know who A.F.I are now :heart: (and have since late last year, see how long it takes me to post lol) :) Davey and Jade are awsome :)

  2. I go about once a month to trim hair. And do my nails once a month.
  3. I liked going out with friends. But no one is allowed in my room and I like being home alone.
  4. Yes. I stole a scarf from my 7th grade teacher so I could wear it in a play I was in. Besides that no.
  5. I wouldn't say a word. Good for her.
  6. I'm Hallie I'm from Florida and I'm a Sophomore Work at a senior daycare I'm a Guitar player And I love music:cool:
  7. What song that the they haven't played live yet would you want to hear at a concert?
  8. Thats really disgusting. Some kids need to get lives!
  9. Aerosmith without Britney Spears or Nsnc. Or Soundgarden or Pearl Jam.
  10. I don't think age or lifestyle has anything to do with it. if the alchoholic needs it more then they should get it. If a 75 year old man had more of a chance of living than a 12 year old then the 75 year old man should get it. No one should be judged by age.
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