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  1. I got my setlist from Calgary AB a couple of days ago. Thanks to Mike, Marcie, Leilani and everyone at Tazzy for such a cool fundraiser. I always love to Rock the Dogs!
  2. Thanks to everyone for the happy birthday (and Christmas!) wishes. You Farmers rock!!! :heart:
  3. Everyone has said it all so well already but...wow...what an awesome show! I don't think I will ever be in the presence of such guitar greatness again!! Johnny B. Goode has taken on a whole new dimension for me now! Thank you Linda, Nathan and the Dirty Knobs for making such a special night possible. And a special thanks to Marion & all of the Farmers I met for making me feel so welcome. :045:
  4. I was there Friday night & had such an amazing time. It was really great to finally meet Linda & Mike and also Lauren (my front row buddy!) And Relic...that was my son wearing the Mudcrutch tee shirt....I just wish I had realized it was you before I got half way home & the light bulb went on! It sounds like everyone had a great time last night as well. Thank you, Romeo Delta & Dirty Knobs for an incredible weekend of amazing music! :045:
  5. I'll be there tonight with my son. It's going to be so much fun!!! :003:
  6. It looks like it WAS relisted.. go for it guys!!:003: http://cgi.ebay.com/Signed-Fender-Strat-Tom-Delonge-Guitar_W0QQitemZ220339179790QQihZ012QQcategoryZ156025QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. Paul's issue is definitely animal rights and I think that's great! I totally agree with him and am a vegetarian myself. But when I think of the Vietnam War era (I was around then too:eek:) it's John I remember speaking out against it and not Paul. That really was kind of a strange comment for him to make.
  8. Hey friend........let's start rockin' this farm......what you say!!!

  9. Yeah....I got my tickets for Friday night!! I have my receipt printed and ready to go just in case I need it. I can't wait!!! :icon_biggrin:
  10. Thanks everyone! I wish I could have gotten some pictures but my camera wasn't working. The venue didn't seem right for photos anyway so I guess it was just as well. I still can't believe we got so lucky. That drive from Whittier to Malibu in Friday night traffic was totally worth every second!
  11. I actually went to the show with the wild hope that Tom might appear but when Roger did "So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star" all alone I thought I had probably been delusional. But then, when Roger started telling that famous story of "American Girl" and how he didn't remember recording it, my heart started to beat a little faster because I was beginning to hope again. And then, Roger looked backstage and the look he gave said it all...out came Tom and it was so amazing. The two men just sat side by side and played music together like friends hanging out at home. Tom never said anything and didn't really look at the audience but he didn't need to because he was there for Roger. It really was touching and just so great. And to top all of that off, just as we got home, we looked up into the sky and saw a shooting star. What a way to finish the night!
  12. I am so happy right now! Tonight, my son and I went to Pepperdine University to see Roger McGuinn in concert and....guess what? Our own Tom Petty made a special appearance at the end of the show and sang an accoustical version of American Girl and King of the Hill along with Roger. It was amazing! The theater only seats about 400 or so people so it was a wonderful place to hear the music. I can't believe we were actually there for such an amazing surprise...it was so cool! Roger gave a fantastic performance and told some great stories about his career and some of the people he has met along the way. He really is such a sweet man and oh so talented. What a great night! :003:
  13. Yeah, Farmers! I almost picked the name Gator but the memory of Buddy was too strong. I'm glad Linda chose it because it's just such a cool name. But then again, all of the names are pretty cool so, yeah for the Farmers! Here's hoping that all of those little cuties (and mama, too) find wonderful homes this weekend. :heart:
  14. What adorable babies! I just named puppy #11 Buddy, after a rescue dog I once fostered for a time and then had to give up. I have never forgotten him. :heart:
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