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  1. Wingspan91089

    Random Thoughts Thread

    ^ Same. I'm enjoying the 'Nard Dog in his new role.
  2. Wingspan91089

    Question of the day 05/05/2011

    I'm going out with a friend of mine. We'll probably end up at the movies though.
  3. Wingspan91089

    Question of the day 04/29/2011

    ^ Same. My fear of needles has kept me from getting a tattoo, though. lol
  4. Wingspan91089

    I Hate... Version II

    I hate that I had to borrow money from my little sister to get my final project printed. I've no idea when I can pay her back.
  5. Wingspan91089

    I Can't Wait...

    I can't wait for Saturday And I can't wait for my review day to end, then summer can start officially!
  6. Wingspan91089

    Today I Learned...

    I'm so sorry to hear that :085: TIL that no matter how little sleep I get, one cup of coffee will make me incredibly hyper. I'm pretty sure I scared my teacher just now. lol
  7. Wingspan91089

    The "I Wish" Thread

    That's amazing, Emmie! Maybe you can come over here and help me out? :003: I wish my last day at school was over with. But noooooo....7 more hours. :095: Time is dragging.
  8. Wingspan91089

    Happy Birthday SLQ

    Happy Birthday!!! :):):):)
  9. Wingspan91089

    The "I Wish" Thread

    I wish I had a way of knowing exactly what a certain person was thinking.
  10. Wingspan91089

    I Love.....

    I loved today sooooo freaking much <3
  11. Alice Cooper!!! I agree with you, Yer so bad. ELO needs to be in the Hall of Fame.
  12. Wingspan91089

    Random Thoughts Thread

    The evil witch canceled class today! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
  13. Wingspan91089

    I Hate... Version II

    Me too. I'm starting to feel one coming on. I've been taking vitamins like crazy all day to try to stop it.
  14. Wingspan91089

    I Love.....

    ^^ I wanted to see it too, but I lost track of time and ended up painting through it. lol I love that tomorrow's friday.
  15. Wingspan91089

    Confess people!!!

    Sorry to hear that, Marion. I confess that not even my broken dvd player can make this day horrible.