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  1. ^ Same. I'm enjoying the 'Nard Dog in his new role.
  2. I'm going out with a friend of mine. We'll probably end up at the movies though.
  3. ^ Same. My fear of needles has kept me from getting a tattoo, though. lol
  4. I hate that I had to borrow money from my little sister to get my final project printed. I've no idea when I can pay her back.
  5. I can't wait for Saturday And I can't wait for my review day to end, then summer can start officially!
  6. I'm so sorry to hear that :085: TIL that no matter how little sleep I get, one cup of coffee will make me incredibly hyper. I'm pretty sure I scared my teacher just now. lol
  7. That's amazing, Emmie! Maybe you can come over here and help me out? :003: I wish my last day at school was over with. But noooooo....7 more hours. :095: Time is dragging.
  8. I wish I had a way of knowing exactly what a certain person was thinking.
  9. I loved today sooooo freaking much <3
  10. Alice Cooper!!! I agree with you, Yer so bad. ELO needs to be in the Hall of Fame.
  11. The evil witch canceled class today! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
  12. Me too. I'm starting to feel one coming on. I've been taking vitamins like crazy all day to try to stop it.
  13. ^^ I wanted to see it too, but I lost track of time and ended up painting through it. lol I love that tomorrow's friday.
  14. Sorry to hear that, Marion. I confess that not even my broken dvd player can make this day horrible.
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