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  1. I caught the last mudcrutch show at the Troubadour on Friday, Tom said on stage he hoped that they could continue with Mudcrutch and to just get out their and buy the album!!! I was also able to get a interview with Randall Marsh the Drummer of Mudcrutch, and he said the same thing. I hope they are both telling the truth because these shows ROCKED !!! Check out youtellconcerts.com for the interview and fan reviews of the show -lorn
  2. I got to hit up the 6th and final troubadour show on Friday night. I was able to get a interview with Randall Marsh and Dana was cool enough to sneak me in the back door again so over all and in general the night rocked !!! check out my site youtellconcerts.com for video concert reviews and the interview with Randall . It was also really cool running in to some of you from this message board. -lorn
  3. I guess i am not supposed to link anymore i do have the new Video Concert reviews from the Mudcrutch show last night posted on my site. Please don't embed the youtube videos on this site. I am just a kid trying to help out Mudcrutch and to get my concepts for concert reviews to catch on. Because when you tell concerts its cooler. www.youtellconcerts.com
  4. I just got back from the Mudcrutch show at the Troubadour!! It was fantastic! but the most fantastic part about the show is how i got into the show. I was standing out side the Troubadour the show had all ready started and their were no tickets in site. Then out walks Dana Petty, I walk over to her to tell her about my website. She recognizes me and it turns out she had watched the vids i got from the Ventura show and showed them to Tom. That was cool for me in and of its self. Then I explained to her that, we were not able to get ticket for the show but were still going to hang around anyways. Dana responded with i will get you in. We walked around to the back of the Troubadour and she gave the door two solid kicks and said these guys are with me! They let us in and i got to see Mudcrutch for a 3rd time the second at the Troubadour. Thanks so much DANA you are incredible. New video concert reviews will be posted in the morning at youtellconcerts.com
  5. The pictures are really cool, i love seeing the guys all up on stage together like that so close and in your face. check out www.youtellconcerts.com for video concert reviews of Mudcrutch
  6. The Mudcrutch shows have been so incredible !! I really want to check out the show tonight but not sure that its going to happen. But looking so forward to seeing Petty at the Bowl I hope Stevie Nicks comes out again this time around.
  7. I am glade you guys liked the reviews, I am going to try to catch the Thursday or Friday show at the Troubadour but if not defiantly hitting up petty at the Hollywood Bowl and Irvine ,Hopefully two shows at the Gorge in Quincy Washington ,and a show at Madison square garden.
  8. The show last night at the Troubadour was great!! On the way to the show we ran into Benmont Tench so that wascool!! It was also cool getting to see everyone just rock out. Being able to watch Mike Campbell's hands on that guitar was just such a great experince! After the show we got some video reviews of the show up on my web site www.youtellconcerts.com We hope to have reviews from at least one more Mudcrutch show and several Petty shows from over the summer. After the show we went to eat and ran in to Benmont again,he was kind enough to sign a copy of the set list for us so that rocked. Hope to see mudcrutch again and hope they stick around for a while.
  9. They are crazy!!! Mudcrutch has by far been one of the best shows I have seen this year! I think almost everyone who has got to attend one of the shows would agree.
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