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  1. Thanks all for sharing. Howie also had a house in northern New Mexico. I do miss him sometimes. As it turns out, I am helping with an 'Out of the Vault' type radio show to be aired next month, and any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Peace.
  2. Oh my my Oh hell yes Time to get o'er To Red Rock-ess
  3. Thanks! I did like the no nonsense set, too
  4. Boss


    Thanks for the photos, SLQ. Those reminded that at one point, Tom had taken off his jacket and buttoned up his vest, but there was a long piece of the red tie hanging out below the vest. Not only was the tie section in an unfortunate location, but because his vest and pants were so dark, it made it impossible not to notice the bight red tie. I believe Steve pointed it the wardrobe malfunction,Tom laughed and tucked it in. We need to get Benmont one of those keyboards that straps over his shoulder so he can get out from behind his grand piano. Does he play the accordion? Marcia, I'd go to Phoenix.
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    It's JJ Cale from 1976. nurktwin posted a clip over in the videos thread. notice it's 9 minutes and a sweet jam.
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    Best I can do is a bad cell phone picture...
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    Thanks. They were really cracking down on the cameras.
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    Wow, that was fun! I tried, but they made me put my camera back in the car. Tom was having a good time and the boys absolutely rocked it! I'm going to have to defer on the exact list right now, but the beginning was Listen to Her Heart You Wreck Me I Won’t Back Down Here Comes My Girl Through the middle, we got (don't quote me on the order) Handle With Care, Lovers Touch, I’m a Man, Something Big, Travelin’ Light, Time to Move On, Free Fallin', Spike, To Find a Friend, Learning to Fly, Something Good Comin’. Then Tom said, "Now it it is time to bang heads" and they kicked it into overdrive. I Should Have Known It Don’t Come Around Here No More Refugee Running Down a Dream Encore: Mary Jane’s Last Dance American Girl I'm a little foggy on the exact set list 'cause they blew me away. Just when I thought it could not get any better, the guys would bring Mike and Tom more guitars to keep coming after us. Travellin' Light was stunning. Something Big is one of my favs. No Mystic Eyes. Our friends across the Atlantic better be ready because the Heartbreakers are.
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    Thanks gang. I'm ready for some Heartbreakers live and loud...
  10. Boss


    Anyone? (I'm soooo glad Tom decided to come back.) Peace ~S
  11. Mr Ferrone is going to be busy this year - Dire Straits Members Touring As The Straits (Noble) The Straits, comprised of former Dire Straits members Alan Clark (keyboards) and Chris White (sax, vocals), plus world-class musicians Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty's drummer), Terence Reis (lead vocals, guitar), Mike Feat (bass), Adam Phillips (guitar) and Jamie Squire (keyboards, vocals), will be heading out on an 18-date European tour during March 2012. Dubbed as The Sound of Dire Straits, The Straits kick off the European tour at Belfast's Ulster Hall on 5th March, with concerts in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, and The Netherlands, wrapping up with two UK dates at London's indigO2 on 29th March and Guernsey's Sir John Loveridge Hall on 1st April. ...[more]...http://www.antimusic.com/news/12/February/21Dire_Straits_Members_Touring_As_The_Straits.shtml Belfast – Ulster Hall (March 5) Zurich - X-Tra (March 18) Dublin - Olympia Theatre (March 6) Porto, Portugal - Hard Club (March 21) Gothenburg - Brewhouse (March 9) Lisbon - Aula Magna (March 22) Copenhagen - Amager Bio (March 10) Bilbao, Spain - Sala Santana 27 (March 24) Aarhus, Denmark - Train (March 11) Gijon, Spain – Teatro Jovellanos (March 25) Stuttgart - LKA (March 13) Paris, France – La Cigalen – March 27) Prague - KC Vltavska (March 14) Tilburg, Holland – O13 (March 28) Vienna - Gasometer (March 16) London, UK – Indig02 (March 29) Munich - Muffathalle (March 17) Beau Sejour, Guernsey – Sir John Loveridge Hall (April 1)
  12. Christmas All Over Again Talking Heads - Incinerating the casa
  13. Boss

    2012 Tour Dates

    WooHoo Albuquerque! But Tingley Coliseum? It's the old (completed 1957) rodeo/hockey arena. Tingley seats 11,571, and is dated and the acoustics are challenging. Looks like the stage may be in the center according to speculators below, which may explain the venue choice. But they may be guessing. Do the other venues have the stage in the center? Looks like the scalpers/concierge-style ticketing services/procurers are already speculating with $718 floor seats (What's with these guys, anyway?). A sad example - http://com-albuquerque.com/tickets/1794931/tom-petty-and-the-heartbreakers--at--tingley-coliseum--on--4-24-2012 [Warning:] "Price: Ticket Prices Can Be Below Or Above Face Value. Inventory: We Are A Secondary Market Ticket Provider Utilizing The Most Extensive Network Of Buyers And Sellers Of Event Inventory For Buyers And Sellers." Peace, S P.S. Happy Holidays Farmers!
  14. This is kind of silly, but here it is... http://blogs.seattleweekly.com/reverb/2011/08/into_the_great_wide_open_and_9.php "Into the Great Wide Open" and 9 Other Tom Petty Hits That Are Really About Childbirth By Chris Kornelis Mon., Aug. 15 2011 at 8:44 AM Categories: Lissssssssts We've got a colleague out of the office for a . . . special delivery today. To celebrate, we thought we'd turn to the man who has written a thing or two about making babies and the road the follows. The task was easier than we thought. As it happens, EVERY Tom Petty song is about the nine months between conception and delivery. Check it out: 10. "Mary Jane's Last Dance": Dudes, bong-hitting is said to to lower one's sperm count. Ladies, it's typically frowned upon after conception. Get it out of the way now. 9. "Even the Losers": Nope, you don't need a license to make a baby. And even losers get lucky sometimes. 8. "You Got Lucky": Yes, you did. 7. "I Need to Know": Yes, and now you can learn the sex of the baby at just 7 weeks. 6. "Listen to Her Heart": Yes, that first ultrasound is a shocker. 5. "You Don't Know How it Feels": Ladies, you're absolutely right. We plead ignorant just this once. 4. "The Waiting": Back pain? Exhaustion? Stress-eating? Old Man Petty is right again: The waiting is the hardest part. 3. "Here Comes My Girl": The moment has arrived. 2. "Into the Great Wide Open": 'Nuf said. 1. "American Girl": No matter the color or creed, if she's born here, she's an American Girl.
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