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  1. Both ELO and the Move - excellent bands - no dispute there and in part, thanks to Jeff Lynne. Just that Jeff Lynne formula doesn't work with every artist. Of similar nature, it would suck if the Byrds were produced by Diana Ross. And I don't like steak sauce with my spaghetti.
  2. First, dug on the responses from some of you on the Jeff Lynne! Amen. Freshness is a good word. Im might add the The Jayhawks and Wilco to having also released some fine unrestrained traditionally sound music of similar caliber. Based on my readings and beliefs, Tom rolled the dice with this one and struck it right. It was a good booster shot in the arm that modern rock music needed so desperately. Quote - Tom Petty - "Mamma Called Daddy a Son of A Bitch"
  3. I'm not sure how much you know about recording or production or how sensitive your ears are to corporate, let's make everything a dance hit, syrupy-sappy over sugar coated made-for-the-masses music but Jeff produces the best of them. IMHO he takes so much away from the natural elements of the bands he produces by adding layer after layer after layer until your ready to puke. In addition he makes everything he touches have ELO overtones. Yucch. I'd rather eat Apple sauce with broken glass as a side dish. He's the main reason why I struggle with Full Moon Fever and I can't own a copy of Traveling Wilbury's.too painful to listen too. If you grew up with the Heartbreakers first LP in 1976 (I did) and watched them moprh over the years into Jeff Lynne Land you may understand my commentary. And I thank you for your inquiry
  4. Good points especially on the 9 minute jam comment..I wonder AND worry especially for some of the derogatory comments made by reviewers/reporters who weren't there (i.e. early 70s) or flat out just don't get it. Frustrating.
  5. My fiancee' and I are also big time OC (Ca.) TP fans. The words you wrote are almost identical to what I would have written. Same two songs as well - we went on the 25th and are barely coming out of our comas and still somewhat hypnotized over this event! Such a drag we didn't get tickets for other nights as you say. I recall getting up saturday morning and for grins checking out the ticket master rip off site - strangely there were two tickets available! we opted not to go as we were hoping to have the same luck for the May 2nd show - never happened. Forfeiting that second day we now know was a mistake. All I have left are the memories, the CD's and my fiancee' singing off key with her Ipod on each evening :045:
  6. Ok..so a little bit of Turtle Wax was used on this recording..no big deal. It wasn't layers and layers of overdubs (can you say Boston ? or how about Tom Scholz ?) as on previous recordings with Jimmy Iovine for example. Bear in mind, the gang uses really fine equipment from the gear to their microphones and it was mixed rather well. Taking also into consideration all the years of recording experience these guys have had. No wonder it sounds so good yet so wholesome. "No preservatives" is perhaps a better choice of vernacular. That Crystal River track was recorded live and in one single take. When was the last time anyone can say they heard a recording of this nature released to the masses on a large record label? Maybe Link Wray's recording of Rumble on his 3 track in '59? It was as stripped down as it was going to get without being a monoraul (for those of us that remember that word) recording. If on the other hand you're still pressed for a lesser produced sound we can respect that, visit the cell camera recordings of them live on youtube, that should do the trick. Always good to have plenty of options. :eek:
  7. Thank heavens and no Jeff Lynne..keep that guy far away. I can't think of many, if any, non sugar coated - properly produced recordings of the last 30 years that are as raw and wild oats sounding as this Mudcrutch CD. Perhaps a group called "Cowboy" who were last heard in 1977 had released some wonderful recordings of this similar nature. In particular their first two LP's on Capricorn (Allman Brothers label) would offer comparable (not exact) sounds to that of this latest Mudcrutch. Invoking much of the same style country rock with plenty of ear-candied vocal harmonies. Kudos to Reprise and Mudcrutch for having enough gumption and faith to release such a long awaited unrestrained masterpiece. The more you hear it, the more you realize the rock world of 2008 needs some serious help. Mudcrutch are the new 2008 heroes and in essence, pioneers, helping us climb out of the doldrums of modern music.:045:
  8. sorry to hear this and ligthing speed recovery to you Danny!..admiring his band name Mudbreakers; purrrty cool. Wonder why he didn't choose Heartcrutch?
  9. It's rather obvious he went in with "false expectations". He admits this in the review and expected a few hits. That alone would cause his mental cramps. Perhaps he couldn't read the ticket stub as to who was actually playing? He'd proably go to a Crowded House concert and expect to hear music by Split Enz. Numbskull + close minded = waste of a ticket.
  10. found out afterward Itunes (figures) is offering one extra track .. Special Places..is this included in anyone's available downloads? Would hate to buy this whole CD over again for one track if anyone has it for download would be appreciated. thank you in advance my email is revup67 at yahoo.com Rev
  11. this is excellent..many thanks for taking the time to do this and a thank you to Marion for posting these. I think the place I saw Mudcrutch at on 4/25/08 was roughly the same size (the Troubador). The security guard there said the place held a capacity of 309 people. Cheers to Mudcrutch for making that 70s down home, small venue feeling come alive again.
  12. Blistering and unusually hot day in LA - about 95 degrees farenheit. Troubador security greets the 3 of us around 3 pm with total hospitality (we are not from the local area) Frank and Alitas give us the local scoop on where to eat, they stated no cameras or you'll be escorted out (don't want that!), and return to the club at 5 or 5:15 as that is when the line forms. Also head to the Rainbow Room on Sunset for great and reasonably priced food. Did all of the above and got lucky to park on a side street in Beverly Hills without signs. We're back at 5:15 pm and the line was just forming we were about 7th in line. Other Mudcrutch fans were supplying water bottles to fans waiting in line (thank you Diana and Matt), sharing previous Heartbreaker stories and so on. Thank god for the Petco across the street as that water had to go somewhere afterwards. Dusk finally fell and we see Tom Leadon near the front door..moments later we're heading inside. Wow what a thrill..haven't seen Tom in person since 1981 back in NY and now in a smaller venue. Everyone was orderly respectful. Cannabis filled the room throughout the night making for the ultimate 70s atmosphere especially during Crystal River - very trippy indeed. My fiancee' and I were fortunate enough to be standing at the foot of the stage in front of TP and next to Curtis (Tom Leadon's brother-in-law) who was kind enough to offer insight on Tom Leadon and how excited he was to be part of Mudcrutch again. This was all too "mutch" to handle. Then Leadon announces the band about half way through the set and we find out Randall was in an 80s band called "Code Blue". They had one very cool song back in 1981 called "Face To Face"..more thrills! There are great accounts of this 4/25/08 show on the forum of the mudcrutchmusic.com site by Girl@thehighschooldance so I won't reiterate 'mutch' more. Was wondering (there were a few) if anyone has any pictures or footage they plan on posting from the 4/25 show either here or on youtube. Would greatly appreciate anything from anyone who attended this show. There was definately a girl with short black hair who had a camera and got the set list. Didn't get her name but saw she had some excellent photos. If you are reading this please do post. Thanks in advance to all especially Curtis and Troubador security Frank & Alitas. Rev
  13. Apparently this place still exists or did at least through 1994 but is last known as "The Junction". Any fans in the area that can bring us current photos? Curious if the place has changed "mutch". here's a link with photos back in 1994: http://www.siogo.com/blackfoot_history/jamming.htm Rev
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