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  1. I decided to try and be surprised in Portland next week so I'm not going to look at the setlists before then. I'm thinking we should get a few songs off Hypnotic Eye (keeping my fingers crossed for All You Can Carry and Fault Lines) and hopefully a song or two from Mojo (hopefully Good Enough). The rest will be hits, but I love those, too!
  2. The pre-sale for Chicago was as exhausting as you'd expect. At exactly 10:00 am, there were "none available" premium ticket packages. After repeatedly trying and getting the same message, I was offered a ticket in the 300 section! I threw it back and kept trying. By 10:15, I was able to get offered true premium seats, but either far to the left or right and 13-15th row. My husband, also a legacy member, switched to 1 seat, and by 10:20 pulled one second row center. He took it, of course. Now we need to get him a seat! It's an hour later, there are some premium single seats that are Row 5 and beyond, and ticketmaster keeps only offering the same seat over and over so I got out and will try again later. Luckily, Doug actually likes sitting farther away so hopefully I can get him something decent. I think there are very few premium seats reserved by the venues. My advice is to hang in there...once the big rush is over and people have thrown back tickets, you may get a second row. I'm thinking that Row 1 will be a rare thing! Good luck everyone, and Marcia--I wish the band was going to Phoenix, too! I'd love to see you!
  3. ^^You two made me laugh! I feel the same! I don't think I have a festival in me anymore!
  4. I was just re-reading the interview--you can really hear Mike's voice saying these words, can't you!
  5. Wow! I'm speechless. What a great interview! Thanks, Susan for always finding such great things out there to post!
  6. Most of the young people I know listen to pop music and dance music. They may know rock music from their parents, and even like it, but they don't buy it or listen to it on their own. They also buy more songs than full albums.
  7. Wow! I've never seen the photos of all the guys' homes! Tom's place does look pretty amazing.
  8. Thanks Ryan. It looks great!
  9. I wish I knew the song! Their voices sounded so beautiful together!
  10. Susan, it sounds like you had a great time! And how amazing to have the band in the audience! Friday night was fantastic, too! I was so happy to meet Sharon who I know online. We stood in line together and were lucky enough to be in the front row right next to each other. We didn't get Mike and Tom, but we did get Sara and Sean Watkins. Sara's duet with Benmont was absolutely beautiful. It was great hearing Benmont sing, but it was especially great seeing him as the front man. He was very funny and seemed to be enjoying every minute. There was only a sighting after the concert, not any mingling, but it was because Benmont's family was there and he was busy hugging his sister. I did call out, "great show, Benmont!" And he looked at me and said "thanks!" And I was very happy with that! It was a really fun experience!
  11. dreamgirl


    Any news about the presale? I didn't receive any emails with instructions. Did anyone else?
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