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  1. Awesome show! Tons of tears here. Will definitely listen again. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. One of my favorite cover songs that they ever did! Thanks for reviving the memory!
  3. OOOOOhhhhh cool! I'll see if I'm tech savvy enough to get it right now. Edit: Got it! Tears streaming down face as I type this. THANK YOU so much!
  4. Seattle show in July 1985 was my very first TPHB show, after waiting for years! I would love to have a recording of it!
  5. WOWWWW!!! I'm crying...again. That is AMAZING!!!! And they played it twice!!! AWESOMEEEE!!! I wish I could record, because I can't wait until September!
  6. Great video clip! It's awesome and heartbreaking at the same time... I'm still so incredibly sad over our loss
  7. I'm in for anything that includes a Heartbreaker in any format!!!! It will be a fantastic event with those players plus special guests!! I bet they are more of a house band and that's fine with me! But don't get me wrong--I mourn the loss of Tom EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! PETTYFOREVER!
  8. Very special song. Heartwrenching though...
  9. I really liked the Room at the Top done by Jason Isbell that they played during the Birthday Special on TPR. I would love to hear it again...so far, not on YouTube. Maybe could be extracted from the show, but I don't have the technical abilities.
  10. I agree with you completely Toni. But for me, I just love the way their live music makes me feel. I always find myself enjoying it so much at the show no matter what they play. It is my "happy place". I don't have a good stereo at home, so hearing it full as intended is worth it to me. I definitely prefer the small shows but, it's hard to miss the opportunity to hear such amazing music when I can, so I splurge. I also totally respect your restraint in not going. Hope to see you at a small show again sometime...sooner than later.
  11. Even though the show was similar, including the banter, to the last few tours it was still incredible! My Seattle show experience was MAGICAL!!! And the sound wasn't a problem up front. The only thing that I noticed was that the crowd wasn't into it towards the end of Crawling Back to You. It seemed really quiet behind me. I've never experienced that at a TPHB show before. The song was INCREDIBLE!! I guess they were playing it just to me. I prefer the smaller shows, cover songs and Mudcrutch so hopefully that is what's in our future. But, I don't think you can say that this tour was in any way substandard. Maybe not THEIR best, but that's just it with these guys. They are so good that most people are blown away even when they are having what for them might be an off night or performing a tired set of songs. The majority of people only go to one show per band, let alone per tour. So they were completely satisfied with the setlist. I talked to a number of people that thought the show was the most amazing thing they had ever seen. It was their first or second time seeing this band. That's who they have to plan for. Money is king. As far as the same banter- Joe Walsh said almost the exact thing both nights at Red Rocks. I think that is part of doing a quality big show.
  12. They did shoot video at 3 shows this tour. I hope they put out a full show on DVD. That would make a great Christmas present!
  13. I've never come away from one of their shows disappointed! I do get disheartened reading the setlists and reviews, but then when you are there and experience it somehow it just speaks right to my soul and makes me happy...even Free Fallin' and I Won't Back Down. It's all in the delivery with these guys. That's why I truly enjoy the cover songs and don't mind losing one. They put so much into the covers and the energy is just electrifying. Some of my favorite concert moments are the covers... and Mudcrutch, which is like all covers in a way! I'm looking forward to my 4 shows this tour, even if there's nothing I haven't heard before.
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