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  1. Today I learned that a very good Turkish artist befriended me on facebook, I'm quite honoured.
  2. I didn't see it, Saturday night Live is crap compared to how it was in the 70's, '80's. But do agree Mick Jagger IS very funny, great sense of humour....British humour at that! I'm surprised you found him funny to be honest Marion.
  3. Zurich, Switzerland. I was there many years ago and was very impressed with it.
  4. HAHAHA seems everyone's afraid of the dark. I used to frightened of pitch darkness but I'm not anymore.
  5. Yes. God I should be able to after living in the same house now for 25 years.
  6. I am taking my last "float" day from work today and I'm about to get on the treadmill. After I'm showered etc am off to buy some plants/flowers for the garden then my son has taken the afternoon off and we are going to look at some houses, he's thinking of moving again in the near future. He has made a ton of money on his condo since he bought it from plans 4 years ago and feels ready to go a little bigger.
  7. emmie

    I Love.....

    I love 4 day weekends.
  8. I'm glad to have converted someone else to F1 Lizzie. Fernando IS a little sweetheart isn't he? Yes, for me it's Formula 1 hands down. It's more sophisticated then Nascar and Indy (none of the F1 drivers have ever been heard to say, "Y'all" LOL and most of them speak several languages. Next race is next weekend from Monacco, can't get anymore sophisticated then the South of France! And yes, Kimi is back and doing great. He's a riot.
  9. They are all dropping like flies now.
  10. No, but people generally don't change. Once an asshole always an asshole.
  11. Smoking would be an excellent thing to ban. Ever seen anyone die from lung cancer? It's ugly.
  12. emmie

    How Many???

    Trash off? Do you mean put it out at the curb for the garbage men? If so we only get collections once every 2 weeks. How many weeks a year to you get for vacation time?
  13. ^ I could have told you that! Today I learned that they are still full of shit.
  14. Mine. Mercedes GLK What is your favourite time of year?
  15. Vile weeds both of them, but if I had to eat either I'd take brocolli. String beans are exactly that....STRINGY! Holidays - Christmas or Thanksgiving?
  16. HAHAHA You really believe you have personal freedom in the US? Pfft, NOWHERE does anyone have personal freedom anymore.
  17. No, but both my dad and brother rode motorbikes, dad used to ride a BMW and my brother rode Harleys.
  18. Nope, never seen any round here. Must have stopped that practice here I guess years and years ago.
  19. If I feel I have to escape from people and issues I always go to bed, it's the only place that I feel safe. What is your favourite salad?
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