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  1. I confess I'm glad my doctor called me this morning. Very peculiar test results but she said she'll re-test again next month and for now she thinks it's ok. But bizarre test results, she said she's never seen anything quite like it before. Well that's me. Walking medical marvel.

  2. I think your upcoming hospital visits, while unfortunate, will clarify that for you. Thank God for nurses like Sharon.

    Er...yeah...I have actually been in hospital many, many times already Amy, had many surgeries..one for cancer. I do know what a nurse does. Just figuring that they must get way more vacations not to mention pay then our nurses do here. No way our nurses could manage going away 5 or 6 times a year. So, I was curious. Of course so many people don't even work at all and still go on vacations, that always makes me laugh. Vacations from what I always think.

  3. I'm excited about getting together with my favorite girls next month in KC. I think this is year number 5. We always have the BEST time EVER!!!! Then in August a week in Florida then seven days on a cruise to the Caribbean. It's been such a fun summer!

    You must get about 6 months vacation from your job a year. Must be an easy gig.

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