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  1. I confess I'm glad my doctor called me this morning. Very peculiar test results but she said she'll re-test again next month and for now she thinks it's ok. But bizarre test results, she said she's never seen anything quite like it before. Well that's me. Walking medical marvel.
  2. I think the majority of people around here would know what my current signature means, I think it says it all and is quite self explanatoryl
  3. emmie

    How Many???

    I usally like 2 but only had one this morning How many cats have you owned in your life time?
  4. Love the photos of Tom, he looks great
  5. I can't believe it is nearly here.
  6. Last few days have been beautiful. Supposed to last right through the weekend too.
  7. emmie

    How Many???

    Usually only 2. I like rings but I find I get irritated with them on my fingers. How many eggs do you normally get through in a week?
  8. I wonder if the fact that I have got a date so fast of July 30 for my angiogram is a good thing or a bad thing.
  9. I'm excited that there will be a Golden Retriever in my house tomorrow
  10. emmie

    I Love.....

    I love that it is almost the end for 14 months. Thought it would never get here.
  11. I hate the word "Panties", just grosses me out. Just sounds perverted to me.
  12. Little things amuse little minds.
  13. Today I learned that it takes them ages to move on.
  14. I confess to looking forward to the weekend.
  15. Nothing special really no. Just liked the picture.
  16. Better not look in the mirror then.
  17. emmie

    I Love.....

    I love that I'm about to go to bed, with all the windows wide open, to drift off into sleep listening to the gentle breeze rustling through the trees. Peace, bliss.
  18. I'm excited for the upcoming weekend. Going to be a busy one but I think lots of fun.
  19. I'm surprised that it doesn't seem as if anyone posted about Dhani Harrison getting married last weekend. http://www.opposingviews.com/i/entertainment/george-harrisons-son-dhani-harrison-weds-solveig-karadottir
  20. Er...yeah...I have actually been in hospital many, many times already Amy, had many surgeries..one for cancer. I do know what a nurse does. Just figuring that they must get way more vacations not to mention pay then our nurses do here. No way our nurses could manage going away 5 or 6 times a year. So, I was curious. Of course so many people don't even work at all and still go on vacations, that always makes me laugh. Vacations from what I always think.
  21. ^ Go out for breakfast?? Blimey, what time do the shows end there in Florida? LOL
  22. You must get about 6 months vacation from your job a year. Must be an easy gig.
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