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  1. it was fun, people seemed to be really getting into the songs, even though many were not familiar with many of them. Many seemed appreciative of us not just playing the TPATH hits. Would definitely do it again. Here's a video of some clips from the set.
  2. well, we're a TP&TH tribute band, but we're doing a special Mudcrutch show tomorrow night.
  3. For anyone in the SF Bay Area, we're doing a special 1 hour Mudcrutch tribute set tomorrow night at Club Fox in Redwood City. Come on out and say hi, it should be a blast. Attached a little sample from a previous show Shady Grove Wrong Thing to Do Scare Easy Trailer Orphan of the Storm Save Your Water Lover of the Bayou Dreams of Flying Victim of Circumstance 6 Days on the Road Don't Do Me Like That wrong_thing_to do.mp3
  4. The Refugees' first appearance at Don Quixote's Music Hall in Felton, CA. Saturday Feb. 26th 6275 Highway 9 Felton, CA 95018 http://www.donquixotesmusic.info/ Come on by, and let us know you're coming! We always like to meet some fellow Petty fans. www.refugeesrock.com www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=157247344326332
  5. We appreciate all your votes last year that helped us win the 2009 best tribute band award in the KFOX 98.5 contest. Now we're asking for your support once again to try for a repeat victory in 2010! For those of you that have seen us, you know we do our best to recreate Tom's music and bring it to local stages for fans. If you haven't seen us yet, then hopefully you will soon! FYI, we will be doing a show in November in Florida at Stetson University - our first east coast gig! Here is the link to vote - if you voted last year, you should be able to use the same email address and not have to enter any other information again. and the main link to the KFOX contest And here is our homepage in case you want to listen to some more music before making you're decision :003: www.refugeesrock.com
  6. if you buy it, let me know what you think. Our lead guitar player has a Duesenberg 12 string he really likes. I have a Rick 660-12 but I almost never play it, I just don't like the way it feels.
  7. if you buy it, let me know what you think. Our lead guitar player has a Duesenberg 12 string he really likes. I have a Rick 660-12 but I almost never play it, I just don't like the way it feels.
  8. calling the DQ booking guy is on my list. Problem has been my list is long, and other stuff keeps getting added to it!
  9. I know there are some people on here around Santa Cruz, so thought I'd throw this up here. We're playing at the Capitola Art & Wine festival, 5-7pm. Sounds like the sound guys are bringing a good rig, so it should be a good show. Weather is supposed to be good too, sunny mid-70's. www.refugeesrock.com
  10. yeah, that's what I'm saying, we have to bring 2 more guitars, and tune 2 more guitars. We already bring about 6-8.
  11. we have been rehearsing this one, it's fun to play. Although having to bring an extra guitar tuned down a whole step to play it is going to be kind of a pain. The band really has to be in sync for this to sound right, since multiple people are playing the same riff/line. Kind of like "Oh Well". Anyone slightly off just kills it, especially the descending riff after the stops. Sounds cool when you get it right though.
  12. don't you think no reason to cry sounds like Knopfler?
  13. hmmm, I like his voice much better in something good coming.
  14. for me, something good coming....by a good margin!
  15. I have to somewhat agree. There is a lot of talk about this album about the Heartbreakers being able to shine and not just Petty - but to me, they have always shined in much of the work. It's all the details that count, and it's the way Mike and Benmont play around the songs and compliment everything that makes them so insanely good. I didn't need Mojo to show me how good Mike and Ben are at what they do. In fact, I think some other stuff is a much greater testament to their talent than the things on this record. Has anybody listened to Benmont on the version of Melinda on the live anthology?? Are you going to tell me something on Mojo shows off his musicianship (and the whole band in fact...listen to how they dance around him during that long solo) than that? I could make a whole list of songs (many live) that I think showcase the amazing musicianship and interplay of this band than the songs on Mojo.
  16. haha, don't feel bad for me. As much as I like Petty and the band (no other artist comes close to having the sheer number of songs that I like from their catalog), this is not the first album where I only really like a handful of songs. I'm just really picky. Of course there are a few albums where I really like most of the songs, but you can't expect those every time. I would never want them to stop doing new stuff, if everything was always the same it would get boring, and you'd never have gotten things like Don't Come Around Here No More, or Full Moon Fever, or many others. I see no conflict in being an overall fan of someone's songwriting or a band's ability, and not liking some of their material. Much of it is that it deviates from the type of music I like most. But I think it is a bit more than that - as of now, I don't see any songs on this album that people will be listening to in 25-30 years, as some of Petty's big songs of the past still get regular radio airplay today, but only time will tell if I'm right on that part. And of course that isn't the most important thing either. As far as the concert reviewers who say (or imply) that the fans only really paid to see them play the greatest hits, I think that's pretty ridiculous. They have a new album, of course people want to hear some of that. I think 5 new songs out of 20 is just about right, that's still sticking with a lot of older stuff that everyone wants to hear, while giving some highlights of the new album. On the other hand, i can understand a reviewer not liking the new stuff as much - but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be playing it. Returning to King's Highway as an opener - awesome. The only issue I have with the setlists I have seen is that they are playing "Oh Well" and "Mystic Eyes" again, like last tour. They always play covers so well, that it's disappointing they wouldn't pick a couple new ones for a new tour. That should have been a no brainer.
  17. Having not actually heard the album yet, I found it interesting reading these mixed reviews and watching people get angry about any of the reviewers saying anything negative. Now I finally got a chance to listen to it all. Here's my take. Background - I'm a huge Tom Petty fan and am in a Tom Petty tribute band, and have analyzed at least 50 of his songs down to each little detail of what makes them so good in order to recreate them. So this is a perspective from a musician & a listener. I'm generally not a big blues fan, or a fan of jammy music (one of the reasons I usually love TPATH - "don't bore us, get to the chorus"), so that biases me a bit against the general feel of the album. But here it is. Jefferson Jericho blues, first flash of freedom, running mans bible, trip to pirate's cove, candy. None of these do much for me. JJB - riff is not that great, and too repetitive for me. Nice piano work in the background by Benmont. FFOF - intro is really long, feels like an instrumental at first. A little too meandering for my taste. RMB - verses musically boring, generic blues stuff. Chorus has nice uplift, might sound good live? TTPC - ok, just listen to the first 3 seconds, it could be the intro to "Brandy (you're a fine girl)!!! If it just went quickly to the major chord. haha. Odd echo on the lyrics. Much better things have been done with this repeating chord pattern (all along the watchtower, etc) C - generic blues, silly lyrics. Silly is ok, but silly can be much more clever (girl on lsd, yer so bad) No reason to cry - first one I like a bit. Man, is it just me, or does this sound like it was written by Mark Knopfler (musically). It sound just like an old dire straits song (which is good as far as I'm concerned, I love dire straits). I just can't help thinking it sounds like Mark should be singing it though. Those minor chord changes, must have been listening to telegraph road when he wrote it. I should have known it - this one is musically interesting. Not crazy about it at first, but it is really growing on me. Definitely a cool riff, interesting vocals. Way cool rhythmic stops (my drummer loves it...figures!). Not crazy about the guitar solo though. US 41, taking my time, let yourself go, don't pull me over, lovers touch. These aren't doing much for me either. US41 - just not much here musically. I am finding I am not very fond of the harmonica used as a background rhythm instrument. TMT - i find this one very boring. LYG - Kind of Doors-y with that organ. Little better chorus with a classic Petty "universal" phrase that can apply to anybody. DPMO - could not get past the reggae beat and the first line (mr. poooolice man??). Sorry had to move on right then and there. LT - musically similar in tempo and repetitiveness to many others on the album (well I did say I'm not a big blues fan). Musically reminiscent at times of BB King's The thrill is gone. But not as good. High in the morning - Like the tempo. Much more melodic, better vocals. Nice guitar work. This sounds like Mike Campbell to me. Simple solo, all notes well chosen and places perfectly. Something good coming - love this one. This is on par with stuff from wildflowers. Nice chords, super simple but effective repeating lick from Mike, very Petty lyrics. Fits his voice perfectly. Slight chord variation for chorus from the verse, just enough to distinguish it. Well done. Good enough - not a big fan of this riff. And the song is kind of built around it Interesting minor blues pattern. It would be ok, but it just repeats way too many times during the ending. Don't like the ending section at all. To me it would have been a much better song if it ended about 40 seconds earlier.
  18. surprising to hear "Oh Well"? - they played it all last tour, it's on the last live DVD. Maybe surprising to someone who doesn't do his homework. They play the hell out of that song, but it is a cover, I think they should have picked a new cover to do for the new tour. And King's Road? Did they really change the opener from King's Highway or this guy just doesn't know the difference?
  19. now I wasn't at the show, but every time I have seen the band live they have sounded excellent, well mixed, everything. I would be very surprised if he did not sound good this time out. His voice varies from tour to tour and song to song, but his pitch control is always excellent and clarity is never an issue. During quieter songs you can't hide bad vocals (learning to fly, Insider) and his voice sounded excellent. Now I've also heard Bob Dylan live within the past 5 years. And as much as I like Bob Dylan's songs and songwriting (and even singing from years ago), he sounded HORRIBLE. No clarity, no pitch/melody left at all in any song, terrible mixing and sound quality by the crew. To compare Petty and Dylan like this is ridiculous. Sometimes after shows people will comment on my vocals, comparing to Petty/Dylan, etc. When they compare to Petty, I take it as a compliment. When I hear someone mention Dylan & Petty's vocal abilities together as if they are one in the same, I stop listening to what they have to say, because I know immediately they do not have good ears.
  20. Whether you agree with the reviewer or not, let's not confuse two different ideas - 1. Saying that an artist should not create new material that is different and stick with the same stuff. 2. Saying that you don't like some of the new material. Those are very different statements.
  21. I didn't go to the Oakland show, but from the new songs I've heard on Youtube, the only one that's immediately hit me as something I wanted to pick my guitar up and play and sing was "Something good coming", which I don't see on the live setlists yet. Maybe the others will grow on me, but they definitely don't immediately hit me like Last DJ, Have Love Will Travel, Saving Grace, Flirting with Time, Wrong Thing to Do, Shady Grove, etc. did when I first heard them. But I'm generally a fan of very structured songs with a good chorus.
  22. I suppose maybe I should post our shows on here, but it always feels a little spammy. Anyone around the SF bay area interested in our shows please go to our website at www.refugeesrock.com and sign up for the email list - we always send out show notifications to our email list. The Music on the Square show was pretty fun. PACKED - probably 2500+ people there. KFOX was sponsoring and gave away some Oakland Tom Petty tickets as well. We had some sound issues early on, but had a great 2nd half of the show. We played a cool extended version of Refugee based on the live version from the Take the Highway concert. We will be in Santa Cruz at the Crow's Nest later this month. We are also trying to set something up at Don Quixotes later in the year, and we will be at the Capitola Art & Wine Festival in the fall.
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