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  1. Thanks for the link! Mojo is my favorite Heartbreaker album. It's so goddamn good. Masters of their craft.
  2. Bus To Tampa Bay made me cry like a ten year old girl. God. That's a great fuckin' song! Ben is on fire! Tom's vocal is so pretty. And that slide solo....fuck.
  3. Thank you so much, Nurk. Being that you're a musician yourself, that's huge praise. Here's another. Dirtier.
  4. Been a little slow around the Farm lately. It's definitely not Tom, but I wrote this song and I think it's pretty groovy. Maybe you'll think so too?
  5. That's really fuckin' pretty. How does it play?
  6. Kinda sad this is the last show on the tour... I'm free to do a bit of day drinking before the show. You're gonna be blown away by these guys. They're on fire.
  7. Tom and the band were so great. Mike really sizzled on "I Should Have Known It". As soon as they went into "Into The Great Wide Open" I smiled. Tom made a joke about remembering the lyrics. At one point though on the big screen it panned over to Tom and it appeared that there was a little screen at his feet by the monitors that had words on it. I wonder if it was lyrics? Seems unlikely but it sure looked like something was written there. "Shadow People" was the best though. Oh man. It just blew me away. The light show was really awesome during that one. You can see it in the videos that Nurk posted but seeing it for real was something else. It was my 4th time seeing the boys and it was right up there with the best of them. Except for "Spike". Ugh. The only TP song I can't stand.
  8. American Dream Plan B. Em G A for the verse. Chorus sounds like D A C G. I cant quite figure out the acoustic bridge though.
  9. Burnt Out Town is awesome. That thumping bass line is so fuckin' great. Full Grown Boy is really good too. Tom's voice sounds so great on this record.
  10. Totally stalked your photography blog. :P You're really good! Those pictures of Tom are fantastic. My god.

    1. Liberty


      Thank you, dear. :) It's not stalking if I provide the link! ;)

    2. Merritt


      Suppose that is true. Just felt a TAD bit creepy. Hehe.
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