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  1. Hi Marcia! Long time no see!

  2. Thanks Lotta! I know I have been awol for awhile, but I knew this show was coming up, and my friends here wouldn't let me down!:heart:
  3. I got one too. I requested and got a new password which got me into the site. Then I changed my password to something I would remember, and checked my membership status. It says I am current through 2014. Hope it isn't a mistake, and they have to retract that. The last time I renewed was last summer, when Mike started posting his guitar videos.
  4. I saw today on the event calendar that the show is sold out. Cheer, Guys!:b55:
  5. I bought 2 gifts that I wrapped today, and am sort of re-gifting something that has been sitting around unopened in it's box for months, for an office gift exchange. It was a housewarming gift for someone who never moved, so I thought, why not? I'm done.
  6. Congratulations Susan, and to your whole family!
  7. A couple Monitors. It is really hard to dispose of things out like that out here, although last time I was at the landfill, it looked like they had a container with electronics in it, which would be awesome, and also justify the disposal fees we pay now when we buy electronics. Before, you had to drive about 70 miles, and pay to have CRTs disposed of at a private facility. Most people just dump them out in the desert, and I honestly can't really blame them. I would also like it mandated that places that sell batteries also have to take back dead ones. I have a box full; once again, no where to properly dispose of them. Ditto CFLs.
  8. Definitely acoustic guitar. When my bf got his new one, he had me hold it on my lap while he stood behind me and played a few notes and chords, just so I would know what he feels physically when he plays. The vibrations and tones - I am definitely missing out on part of the musical experience. I played clarinet and piano when I was very young, but the same physical connection isn't there.
  9. Terrific photos Lotta! I hope they play there again, and I don't have to forfeit my tickets next time, regardless of where they are playing next.
  10. Drat! I have to go to San Diego this weekend. :085: Hope everybody has a great time, it's a nice venue with plenty of room. Get something to eat ahead of time, the food is dismal.
  11. Buried Treasure has spoiled us! I haven't listened yet, thanks for the warning about Journey.
  12. Just an update on Warren, the hitch hiker: I got an email from him yesterday. When my bf dropped him off at the nearest highway, he got a ride as far as Kramer Junction, about 80 miles from here, 20 east of Barstow. He didn't get another ride until early Monday, but by Monday afternoon he was in Fresno. Back in the 60s he said he could count on hitch hiking from LA to San Francisco in a day. Now it takes about a week. For obvious reasons, I guess.
  13. My bf picked up a hitchhiker in his mid 60s last week, found out he was a Buddhist, so he dropped the fellow off at the monastery next door for the night. He asked if he could come over to our house for coffee the next morning, and we said sure! He was hitching his way back to San Francisco, and the weather looked cold and miserable the next several days, so we let him stay over a couple nights, and he slept in my studio. Fed him, let him shower, do a few chores around the property (it's the Buddhist Way), and put up with his nonstop talk. It was kinda fun, probably the most random act of kindness I think I have ever done, I think. Haven't heard from him since (he had a little laptop with him and hooks up to wifi when he can), I hope he's okay. Patty, you make a good point. People are hungry all year round, but volunteerism, and charitable giving tend to drop off after the holidays.
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