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  1. Spongebob; Seems like it'd be more fun
  2. Ohhh god; My prayers are with your family as well
  3. Happy birthday, Darian ; Hope it was a fab one
  4. ^Actually yesterday was Saturday the 9th so you didn't miss it Next Saturday is the 16th
  5. Happy Mother's Day to all Farmers who are momma's and to all the mothers out there Especially to my mom
  6. One thing comes to mind: Tom is saying GET IN MAH BELLEH!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVE! Hope its' a great one
  8. 80's; I love SO many one hit wonders from then
  9. Failures; Definitely failures; I'm also correcting some of them and learning that I'll never do them again
  10. Since there is a wonderful band backing mister Petty, and since there are other men in that band besides Tom, I'm gonna say Mike and Benmont because those two just stun me sometimes with their playing I love Tom but can't forget the other guys They are part of him
  11. I'm incrediably sorry about this ((((((Big hugs to you and your family)))))) Prayers go out to you and your family
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