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  1. I stand by what the article I originally posted said. And I stand by what Petty’s family said on his behalf. I didn’t start this thread out of nowhere. I posted it in response to the widely covered news of Perry’s cease and desist letter. Read the article, man. Petty was always a dem and just because you’re uncomfortable with it doesn’t change the facts. If you don’t know this, you don’t know Tom. Or frankly, rock n roll.
  2. Hi. Tom Petty’s family made a political statement. This article and my post didn’t come out of nowhere.
  3. Guys. Tom was political. He marched in the very first Pride parade in his hometown of Gainesville. When he heard the KKK would be there counter protesting, he showed up to be a symbol of support for the community. He said he “got chills” when Obama used the same song his estate just told Trump he couldn’t. For fans, a lot of you don’t seem to know anything about the guy. The article was spot on. Anyone saying otherwise probably thinks Rebels is a southern anthem instead of the critique on southern men it actually was.
  4. Tom Petty has always been super “left wing.” Read any interview, listen to any lyrics. He was a Democrat.
  5. This article below says it all! If you didn’t think TPHB we’re liberals, then you haven’t been listening. https://medium.com/@darianneschramm/tom-petty-tells-trump-to-fuck-off-from-beyond-the-grave-8bbca09bd475
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