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  1. Yes I specifically ordered from Newbury after the DK Instagram advertised they had the signed copies. I’ll be content with any copy at this point!
  2. FYI- Newbury Comics just issued me a refund for the signed vinyl copy I preordered. Due to “unforeseen circumstances.” I guess this means they will re-release all of the signed copies and will have to preorder it again? This doesn’t make any sense to me (with all due respect to MC’s health issues). Has anyone else been issued refunds for their pre-ordered copies of the album?
  3. As I understand from interviews and such, most of this DK record was recorded before he was asked to join FM. Because he was going to get off the sofa and play with them. If he had nothing going and then FM swooped in to give him something to do, I wouldn’t have made the comment I made.
  4. The more I’ve thought about, the more I agree that pushing the album release six months (!?) is a mistake. It’s been hyped up for well over a year and now with a single out, getting airplay, pre-orders placed, it’s going to gather dust for another six months? I think MC wants to do this a certain way, and there’s no logic behind it. Speaking of the FM tour, what an error in judgment that was, to waste almost two years of your creative life in your late 60s playing someone else’s songs. If he has any advisors, they sure aren’t very bright, or they only saw that he needed the big payday.
  5. Oh, I’m so sorry for getting it wrong! 🙄
  6. I knew this was coming after this week’s postponements. I hope he gets well and it is truly a health issue that’s treatable. I hope it motivates him to stop smoking those nasty cigars too. I think the album was postponed because the tour was designed to promote the album. There’s little reason to do a big tour in promotion of an album that’s been out for six months.
  7. Dang, you raided the merch store! Nice work! 👏
  8. Sometimes new releases ship a bit early, as you probably know! It’s been my experience that the older people in those TP-related FB groups are pretty ignorant about technology and the music business as a whole. They often don’t understand ticket pre-sales, album pre—sales, or the fact that thousands of fans exist outside of FB groups. But they sure do bring a well-developed sense of entitlement!
  9. There is an official MC youtube channel and the only thing on it is the Wreckless Abandon video. There isn’t one for DK.
  10. It sounds too smooth and too full. In that radio interview on KOCF, he concedes that the vocals were worked on after they were recorded. I forget the exact quote. On a related note, Mike’s cigar habit certainly isn’t helping his voice either.
  11. DK played in daylight at the Ride Festival in Telluride as well as at Targhee Fest in Wyoming, both in 2018. I was at Telluride and had just seen them at The Mint two days before. I thought he and the band had great energy during the day and held the crowd’s interest very well, in comparison. That was 250 people at The Mint vs. 7,000 at Telluride. I know he’s been behind TP all these years, but he’s still a performer. He knows how to turn it on. As for his voice, I agree that “Victim of Circumstance” is his best vocal on record. The Wreckless Abandon vocal sounds like it was worked on, possibly auto tuned, after it was recorded. The main attraction of this band are those guitars, not Mike’s voice. I will say his harmony with Jason is pretty awesome.
  12. I don’t consider TPATH songs covers, especially since Mike tends to choose songs he co-wrote.
  13. Mike’s had some voice lessons recently and has definitely improved since he first sang on Echo 20 years ago. Ultimately, his voice isn’t the main attraction here. It’s the musicianship, those guitars, and live, that’s what you feel and remember. Jason is a far better singer but I doubt he’ll ever sing a TPATH song with DK. I loved hearing You Got Lucky. It was rarely played live and was a huge surprise. I’m digging Mike’s approach to choosing which TPATH songs to play. I think his timing will get better once they get into the groove of playing a few times a week.
  14. The way Mike explained it the other night, Chris had a title idea and then Mike ran with it. It turned out to be a crowd favorite; who can resist yelling that at the top of your lungs?
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