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  1. So cool!!! The audience got to go to their rehearsal place to see them play!
  2. I have a friend who lives nearby the studio and he wants to walk up and at least hear the band. I think they will be playing in the lot outside for the summer series concerts... anyone know when the taping is?
  3. Anybody have anything for Fault Lines yet?
  4. Beyond awesome, the entire album coming together one chord at a time. :-)
  5. Nice The Dude! I will try and post the others I have played around with today - if anyone has something foR Fault Lines, that would be awesome!
  6. This would be so much easier if we skyped or something! Hard to communicate the sounds through written text. Lol. But, we will try!
  7. I hear E power chord: E x 4 e x 4 e, g, a, g/e e e e Does that sound right?
  8. Anybody want to discuss what we have for guitar chords for Hypnotic Eye so far? I have been able to jam along to a few songs. Let's start a thread and see who has what figured out - I really want to play Fault Lines but can't get the chord structure right. I have some ideas for American Dream Plan B, Power Drunk and U Get Me High. Anyone else busting out the guitar and trying to jam along?
  9. Hey guys, We are doing our best to get tickets to this "secret location" show. We received an email from Sirius saying we were put on a standby list... fingers crossed! Does anyone know if it will just be an interview or if there will be live music? I know when Billy Joel did his Sirius Town Hall there was plenty of music. It sounds like it will be awesome!! At the very least if we do not get tickets we will listen to it. For people who do not have Sirius, you can sign up for a free trial the day of the show and listen that way ;-0. Is anyone else trying to get tickets?
  10. Hi guys!! I was wondering if anyone wants to be my friend... on facebook or otherwise! lol I thought it would be cool for those who want to - to be able to follow each other on facebook. Here is my info! Please add me if you are so inclined!! https://www.facebook.com/travis.braden
  11. Good for you!! Get in touch with Tony, he will do his best. At the very least you will be on their radar and maybe the next show you go to... who knows!! Best of luck to you - nothing is impossible!!!
  12. I think that MAY be 6/3 but Tom had taken the jacket off... the reason is because when I looked at the crowd shot I recognize the guy in the white hat standing in front of me. He pretended to be really drunk and ignored everyone when he went to the front and turned out to be a photographer trying to get a good spot. Kinda funny, would've been funnier had he been behind me! lol. But that's just my thought!!
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