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  1. If you didn’t already know, Tom Petty-endorsed California rock band, The Shelters, released their second album this past Friday! I absolutely love these guys and would 100% recommend you check them out if you haven’t already, but that’s not why I’m posting here. I’m looking for any and all Shelters content anybody might happen to have that they’d be willing to share! If anyone has anything and wants to share it, it’d be so appreciated! 💙
  2. Love All Taters, Especially Russets! (don't judge me, it's lunchtime!) 😂 CROWN
  3. Currently have a Godfather's cheesy bread, some Cheez-Itz, M&M's, and a Vitamin Water (the quintessential college meal!) 😂
  4. This is so cool! My best friend got me some vinyl art for my birthday this year. I believe the lettering on it is just stickers, but they're lyrics from Wildflowers on some old record that I can't remember the song or the artist of right now! (I'm with you, I could never deface any of my Tom vinyl!)
  5. Can't get enough of this one lately! 😍 Edit: apparently I don't know how to insert a video 😂 it's Rebel Heart by The Shelters!
  6. I’ve been moving so I hadn’t seen this until today! Thanks so much! I actually got a Sirius XM subscription for my birthday (yay!), but I’ve only managed to hear the song on TPR once, and I caught it in the middle! 🤣 Your recording is much appreciated!
  7. I hope so! It's coming within an hour and a half from me this weekend, but I can't find a way to get over there to see it (I don't feel comfortable going alone). 😭 I was in Nashville two days ago for the Jeff Lynne's ELO concert and totally would have gone to see it then, but it only just arrived there today! 😫
  8. The truest thing I've ever seen written. I've never had so much trouble finding vinyl than I have for TPATH! Luckily for me I managed to snag some harder-to-find albums at a small, relatively unknown record shop in Nashville 😁
  9. That one worked perfectly! Thank you! Looks like I have a project for the day 😄
  10. All I'm really disappointed or upset about is the fact that this video has been blocked in my country (USA) 😭
  11. This just makes me want to listen to it so much more! I've got my fingers crossed that it ends up on YouTube or somewhere sometime soon. I guess until then I'll just get my fix from what you can hear on the Mojo doc 😂
  12. Mark Felsot posted in the TPN Facebook group this morning that they’re doing “Mojo Madness” all weekend on TPR since it’s Mojo’s 9th birthday. What interested me specifically was his mentioning that they’ll be playing a song from the Mojo sessions never before heard on TPR. I guess what I’m wanting to find out is, has it also never been heard by me? 😂 I don’t currently have TPR, so if anyone’s listening this morning and hears the song, would you mind sharing what it is? The suspense is killing me! 😂 (and if anyone happens to record it if it’s not something we’ve heard before, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to anyone sharing it 😜😂)
  13. I'm 19, gonna be 20 in less than a month! I've noticed TP's music in the background all my life, but I didn't really become a superfan until last October (and I regret not getting into his music sooner IMMENSELY!). This forum has been an incredible discovery for me. I know all the songs from all the official albums, and I've seen plenty of live videos and documentaries, but I had no idea how much else was out there in terms of bootlegs, interviews, and all of Tom's Sirius shows (I knew about BT, but not Tom Talks to Cool People). I'm glad a place like this exists; it's been really helpful for this young fan who just wants to know all she can know! 😁 On another note, I also run a TP Tumblr if anyone around these parts still checks those out! My username is under-them-skies-of-blue (just like on here 🤣)!
  14. The way he talks about missing Tom makes me almost feel a little bad for disliking him! I think the song at least means well, which is nice. I heard one the other day by an artist named Alyssa Trahan that was called "Petty," and it's filled with random references to song titles of his. The chorus said something to the effect of "you ain't Tom, so don't be petty." It's supposed to be about not being petty and seeking revenge on a past lover who did you wrong, but because it's also trying so hard to be a giant Tom Petty reference, I think it comes across as very cheesy, but that's just me! 🤷‍♀️ (also I get that his name literally has the word "petty" in it, but do you have to imply that he himself was petty? 😂)
  15. I saw where those used to be for sale a while back! If only I'd been born a few years earlier, I might have been a fan by then and could have snagged one, but if my math is right, I was only 12 when the TP site sold those! 😂
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