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  1. Hearing those tantalizing snippets of the "new" songs is so exciting. I can't wait! Thanks for sharing.
  2. I felt the same way...but hey, check this out! This version is stylistically a good fit. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFSK4IWn09U/?igshid=23wcn7xkzdpn
  3. You’re welcome. I knew there was a more definitive quote, and here it is, also from the Zanes bio:
  4. It’s the viewpoint she got directly from her dad. Here’s the passage from Zanes’s biography.
  5. I was surprised by this as well. Ryan Ulyate’s voice was conspicuously absent from this article, and since he is actively participating in the “All the Rest” thread over at SHF I am hoping that he will weigh in on this.
  6. Many new nuggets about Wildflowers and All the Rest in this comprehensive article: https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/three-years-after-tom-petty-e2-80-99s-death-his-dream-project-finally-emerges/ar-BB196t4Q
  7. Confusion Wheel is my favorite song so far. Its spare somber lines epitomize Tom’s mood and style during the Wildflowers project, and like most everything Tom wrote, it is universally applicable to anyone and everyone—perfect for these times or any time.
  8. This is what Ryan said initially, but just a few minutes ago he issued a correction: I'm happy to report that the 5 disc CD and the 9 disc vinyl bought through the Tom Petty website WILL have download codes for "Finding Wildflowers" as well. Whatever configuration you buy will have downloads for the songs in that configuration. The downloads will be "standard" 320K mp3, from the 24 bit 44.1K "loud" digital master, 2464* Hi-Res FLAC from the high dynamic range 2496 digital files, and 2496 Hi-Res wav, from the same high dynamic range 2496 digital files. *he corrected this in his next post: 2496
  9. On a different site Ryan Ulyate acknowledged that Walls didn’t strictly meet the criteria but fit so well into the live track list that they felt compelled to include it.
  10. Tom’s home demo version of “Wildflowers” is breathtaking.
  11. Listening to the announcement now. tl;dr: The estate is doing this right. 👏
  12. Now I’m genuinely excited! I’ve been trying not to get my hopes up, but this might actually be happening.
  13. Playing my Damn the Torpedoes and Hard Promises cassettes over and over on the PCH in January 1983: what could be better?
  14. This was posted by McCool over on the SH forum: There Goes Angela: Also according to Tom Petty's childhood friend Keith Harben, the protagonist of Tom Petty's latest single [There Goes Angela (Dream Away)] is an actual person who was familiar to TP and his friends from childhood. Harben recently shared the following: "I know Angela! I know her well! She lived on our street, me and TP. On the corner of 16th Ave. and 6th Terr. She was a beautiful young girl, a lot younger than us. As youngsters from 6 to 9 Tom and I spent our days finding interesting things to do. No internet, no video games. One of our favorite things to do was play Cowboy and Indians. We had a close circle of friends in the neighborhood. One family had 3 girls and 1 boy. An older sister didn't hang out with us. Her name was Kay and she married Halston's brother Don. That's the famous designer Halston. Another sister Debbie was closest to our age and a brother named DR (we called him peewee). the youngest sister was Angela. You can understand that these kids we grew up with were sort of like brothers and sisters. Angela was quite a bit younger than us but as we grew older she grew up to be a beautiful young lady as were her other two sisters. Sister Debbie liked me and wanted to date me after High School. I tried and she was very pretty and looked like a model. But it felt like I was going out with my sister. Listening to the song I feel like it really fit and the words made sense to me. Angela grew to be equally stunning and I can imagine Tom would see her walking as I often did. She and many other neighborhood kids would often come down to hear the Sundowners practice as she grew older. He may have had a crush on her, maybe we all did. I don't think there would ever have been a romantic connection. May have just been a fantasy! But I feel this is another example of Tom writing about life in Gainesville and this Angela would have certainly and in all likelihood fit the words to this new song!"
  15. I usually keep Tom Petty Radio on all day in the background while I’m working, and the song is in very heavy rotation on the channel, so: yes. 🙂 It isn’t a song I would think to play over and over again, so I’m glad it is on repeat more or less by default; it’s been growing on me.
  16. Nice writeup from Rolling Stone: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/tom-pettys-lost-wildflowers-song-there-goes-angela-dream-away-1039785/ The song? It's...fine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nice turns of phrase, callbacks to Gainesville nostalgia, a melody partly lifted from Turning Point. It works as one of the demo bonus tracks we hope to hear with the full release of All the Rest.
  17. I am fairly certain that ticket buyers will be made whole. For me, it’s less about the money than the absurdity of keeping people hanging over this, when the reality of the situation couldn’t be clearer.
  18. Unbelievably, Ticketmaster still has tickets on sale for the September 9 show in Tampa. 🤯
  19. I've noticed this as well (although for me they’re still missing), but I was holding out hope that this time would be for real, because... ...of this. The delay in announcing their actual plans is frankly incomprehensible.
  20. Has anyone received an official update on the tour dates? I notice that the “Tour Dates” section has completely disappeared from the Knobs website. I still hold tickets for the September shows in Tampa and Gainesville although I have no expectation that those shows will actually take place (nor would I go under current circumstances).
  21. That’s a refreshing aspect of this cover band. Eerily, people who grew up with Tom in Gainesville and spent a considerable amount of time with Ronnie Gregg (the aforementioned lead singer) were gobsmacked by how much he is just naturally like Tom: his slight build, his mannerisms, phrasing, even just the way he sits. Also, their sets delve more deeply into the TPATH catalog than do those of a typical cover band. This might be the only TPATH cover band I would travel to see.
  22. This entry might fall outside the bounds of what constitutes a cover song, since this example is from a Tom Petty cover band...but hey, we’re in the waning days of this forum anyway, so here goes. I’m not ordinarily a fan of covers in general. For me, a cover of a song needs to bring a new interpretation, explore new depths, interrogate the artistry in a unique way—more than just gratuitously hitting all the right chords and notes at the right times. With that in mind, one of my favorite covers of a Tom song is Southern Accents’ rendition of U Get Me High at the Gainesville celebration in 2019. I love Hypnotic Eye, but until I heard Ronnie Gregg sing it, U Get Me High wasn’t one of my standout tracks. After hearing this band play it, I now approach TPATH’s recording with new ears. When a good cover also makes the original better for the listener...for me, that’s a cover. This is a decent recording, but it’s still a fan recording. And fair warning, there’s a bit of unexpected profanity thrown in near the end:
  23. Ah, well, c'est la vie. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Enjoy the song whenever it comes, and farewell, Farmers. It's been short and sweet.
  24. Couple of new teaser tidbits: Wednesday’s 10 am premiere of the song on TPR will be hosted by David Fricke with Benmont Tench and George Drakoulias participating. Mark Felsot reports that he has now heard the song, and says: “It’s cool. It’s cool....might be a bit of a tear jerker, I dunno.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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