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  1. Based on the user name and context I made the inference that this was a comment by Ryan Ulyate.
  2. FWIW I saw this post by “ryan de topanga” on a different forum: The good news is that the stereo analog masters for every Universal album are intact, as we used those to remaster for Hi-Res and vinyl a few years ago. Also, every multitrack that I've requested over the years has been available. Some on the original 2" analog, and some as digital transfers. Outtakes and unreleased songs that were not "masters" for the specific songs on each album stayed in Tom's vault. The estate is currently requesting from Universal a full accounting of the multitracks.
  3. For now, the Foundation has paused the fundraising effort in light of the Petty family's direct involvement. Updates will be posted at http://www.gmhfi.org/tph/
  4. The Gainesville Music History Foundation is spearheading the effort to turn Tom's childhood home, 1715 NE 6th Terrace, into a historically designated landmark and a museum. Here’s where you can donate: http://www.gmhfi.org/tph/ (Admins, if this isn’t allowed, I apologize.)
  5. Here’s the donation link http://www.gmhfi.org/tph/
  6. Read here about the proposed site of the music foundation: http://www.gmhfi.org/
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