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  1. Good article that unifies a lot of anecdotes you may have already read elsewhere: The Raw Roots of Wildflowers, Revealed at Last. (If you run into the New York Times’s paywall, try opening it in an incognito window: that worked for me.)
  2. Wildflowers Live. Wow. I’ve just been to a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert. I certainly never expected to have that feeling again in my lifetime.
  3. Here you go: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/new-tom-petty-album-dropping-wildflowers-all-the-rest.439723/page-148#post-25180371
  4. Mine have arrived. 😍 I have reserved tomorrow for a full day of listening.
  5. I don’t know if there is much rhyme or reason to how these orders are being fulfilled. I ordered two of the Ultras within seconds of the site going live, and my tracking shows that it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
  6. I got my shipping notice and UPS tracking number from tompetty.com. So close... By the way, this week TPR has been playing the new tracks, including the live performances and alt takes that are included in the box set. If you’re waiting for the whole album experience, avoid TPR for a few days. Me, I’m fine with hearing them now.
  7. Hearing those tantalizing snippets of the "new" songs is so exciting. I can't wait! Thanks for sharing.
  8. I felt the same way...but hey, check this out! This version is stylistically a good fit. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFSK4IWn09U/?igshid=23wcn7xkzdpn
  9. You’re welcome. I knew there was a more definitive quote, and here it is, also from the Zanes bio:
  10. It’s the viewpoint she got directly from her dad. Here’s the passage from Zanes’s biography.
  11. I was surprised by this as well. Ryan Ulyate’s voice was conspicuously absent from this article, and since he is actively participating in the “All the Rest” thread over at SHF I am hoping that he will weigh in on this.
  12. Many new nuggets about Wildflowers and All the Rest in this comprehensive article: https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/three-years-after-tom-petty-e2-80-99s-death-his-dream-project-finally-emerges/ar-BB196t4Q
  13. Confusion Wheel is my favorite song so far. Its spare somber lines epitomize Tom’s mood and style during the Wildflowers project, and like most everything Tom wrote, it is universally applicable to anyone and everyone—perfect for these times or any time.
  14. This is what Ryan said initially, but just a few minutes ago he issued a correction: I'm happy to report that the 5 disc CD and the 9 disc vinyl bought through the Tom Petty website WILL have download codes for "Finding Wildflowers" as well. Whatever configuration you buy will have downloads for the songs in that configuration. The downloads will be "standard" 320K mp3, from the 24 bit 44.1K "loud" digital master, 2464* Hi-Res FLAC from the high dynamic range 2496 digital files, and 2496 Hi-Res wav, from the same high dynamic range 2496 digital files. *he corrected this in his next post: 2496
  15. On a different site Ryan Ulyate acknowledged that Walls didn’t strictly meet the criteria but fit so well into the live track list that they felt compelled to include it.
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