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  1. Was the LA celebration called "Petty Fest?" The second article references that: "With 'Crawling Back To You' embedded in Malin’s spirit, it resurfaced when he played it at Petty Fest—an annual tribute concert to Tom Petty whose proceeds go to charity."
  2. It was great to hear Mike's story and a version of this song with all of the '80s stripped out of it. (Def not a Knobs track, tho. 😉) Thanks for sharing.
  3. Jesse Malin. Read about the genesis of this cover version here: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/jesse-malin-tom-petty-crawling-back-to-you-1003688/ ...and here https://www.grammy.com/grammys/news/jesse-malin-celebrates-tom-petty-la-landmarks-his-cinematic-crawling-back-you-video
  4. What a nice surprise to read an old review of HE (still my favorite, still a painful reminder of the best that was yet to come) from the eloquent and insightful Paul Zollo. Thanks for sharing.
  5. It totally did! I selected your quote for inclusion, realized it didn't fit, and...forgot to remove it before posting. 🤦‍♀️
  6. In this interview Mike emphasizes that everything he's doing right now is for "his band" (TDK, of course) and that only syncing issues kept Lockdown from being a whole band production.
  7. This drove me nuts. Tom was emoting his heart out on Woman in Love, while the left half of the split screen featured a bunch of goofball kids grinning and jumping around with their dad. I appreciate Fans.com’s attempt to simulate a live experience, but last night won’t convince me to watch another of their livestreams. It was a good show; I loved hearing the HE tracks.
  8. Benmont, a fiercely intelligent musician, understood the role of the keyboardist in a guitar band. He knew what, how, and where to add. And as befits the subject of this thread, Benmont was all about the groove. It is truly one of my biggest life regrets that I never got to hear this performed live, and so I console myself with the live recordings. I'm partial to the New Orleans recording from TLA, and although I also like the Soundstage rendition I prefer this one: Does a studio version exist (even if not yet publicly available)?
  9. Thanks for posting that beautiful cover. Here’s another that might not be in this thread (and if it is, it’s well worth a re-listen).
  10. Case in point: The last two times I saw Roger McGuinn live, he introduced So You Wanna Be a Rock n Roll Star with, “Whenever I play this, people in the audience turn to each other and say, ‘Oh, he’s playing that Tom Petty song.’”
  11. This song + Mike = a match made in heaven.
  12. Is that how HC came about? Tom recorded or at least tried out these tracks with the band first, and then decided to take the whole thing solo? Or was the album conceived as a solo effort from the get-go? Genuinely curious, but maybe I'm reading too much into this remark.
  13. I love Tom's plaintive vocals on Don't Bring Me Down.
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