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  1. peterdimples

    I interviewed Benmont Tench!

    I had a chance to chat with Benmont recently in advance of his concert run in Northern California.
  2. I recently picked up a used copy of Through the Years, as it was the only release I never purchased. The producers were Bill Bottrell with TP and MC. When "For Real" came out on TP Radio, one of the intro clips talked about the band going to Bottrell's studio in Mendocino to cut "Surrender" and a few tracks, so I looked it up. Sounds like a musical utopia by the coast. http://www.billbottrell.com/studio.html
  3. peterdimples

    Echo in the Canyon

    I loved the Jakob Dylan/Beck cover of "Goin' Back". It made me pull out my Byrds box set and dig in all over again.
  4. peterdimples

    Echo in the Canyon

    Went to see a matinee yesterday before going to the Lucinda Williams concert in Sacramento. Really lovely documentary with a soundtrack that jingles and jangles for 90 minutes. Tom tells great stories, particularly about winning a copy of Pet Sounds on the radio and about seeing Buffalo Springfield and Beach Boys in Gainesville in 1968 and thinking "This is how good its supposed to be. Maybe better."
  5. Marion,
    As an obsessive collector of all things live TPHBS, I would love to get links for your impressive compilation! Thanks in advance for putting in so much work on this!


  6. peterdimples

    Wildflowers BOX set and Filmore release potential!

    There isn't any need for the rest of us to go on after this. We're done here.
  7. peterdimples

    Vote: Dogs on the Run vs Change of Heart - Live 1985

    I'm happy to throw out a bone for "Dogs on the Run" here. Both are great songs, but I find Dogs to be more evocative
  8. peterdimples

    11/26/06 show?

    Wasn't "Depending on You" played at the Fillmore in 1997? Maybe I'm thinking of "The Apartment Song"
  9. peterdimples

    Let's Try to Make Southern Accents Great Again

    I always liked to predict what songs on each new album would go in the live show. When Hypnotic Eye came out, I was sure that "All You Can Carry" would be in there, right around the place that "Out in the Cold" was on the Great Wide Open tour. I was wrong. Its also interesting to see songs like "All or Nothing" or "Fault Lines" get pulled out one or two times early in the tour and then shelved.
  10. This story was linked on the ExpectingRain website, dedicated to all things Bob Dylan or Dylan-related. With Doris Day's passing, and Tom's being gone, it makes for an interesting read, although I wonder if the writer would have been so flip about "dumb blondes" if his subjects were dead at the time of the article. https://observer.com/1999/05/tom-petty-doris-day-and-the-art-of-being-dumb/
  11. peterdimples

    Words on Take The Highway: Live!

    I was at the Nov. 24, 1991 show in Oakland that was filmed for Take the Highway. A couple things I remember: Tom sang "Psychotic Reaction" that night, because Stan had laryngitis, so the version on the film is definitely from Reno the night before. They played "Learning to Fly" as an electric version somewhere in the middle of the show, no idea why itys cut out, but there might have had lousy camera coverage or something. I was also at the last two shows of the 1999 Fillmore run which were filmed for High Grass Dogs. The production company screwed up and did not film more than half the show, I remember there was a lawsuit over it. That's my least favorite live show they put out because it should have been so much longer. Also, the Fillmore is hard to film, so they just don't have camera coverage the way they do in Pack Up the Plantation, Take the Highway, Last DJ, or Gainesville 2006.
  12. peterdimples

    Will There Be. Full Moon Fever Deluxe?

    I always thought Full Moon Fever would be a good album for the band to record live in the studio, the way they did on Hypnotic Eye and Mojo, as a re-release. I love the songs on Full Moon Fever so much—probably have listened to that record more than any other by ay artist in my life—but the production does feel a little slick and dated at times. I always thought it would be fun to have a live version, or if they wanted to rearrange "I Won't Back Down" or anything, they could Lucinda Williams did this with her Sweet Old World album recently, and I love the new release.
  13. I was just reading about a releasee of the great 1950s movie A Face in the Crowd on blu-ray and it made me wonder if TP had seen that film when he wrote the song. I know he loves classic movies, as he has done commercial reads for TCM and once told an interviewer that if he checked into a hotel on the road and they didn't have TCM on the TV, he checked out immediately. I also thought of "It's Good To Be King", which seems borrowed from a recurring punchline in Mel Brooks' History of the World Part 1. Anyway, how many TP song titles double as film titles, or lines of dialogue from classic films? Here are a few I found on IMDB: Airport A Face in the Crowd Breakdown Red River The Wild One, Forever Won't Back Down The Best of Everything Wildflowers Billy The Kid versus Dracula Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Between Two Worlds Candy Dark of the Sun Good Enough The Hurt Locker Joe Let Yourself Go The City of Lost Children The Man Who Loves/d Women Mystery Man Nightwatchman Nowhere Rebels Surrender The Waiting You Tell Me
  14. peterdimples

    Let's Try to Make Southern Accents Great Again

    Something that stands out about Southern Accents is that the band played 8 out of 9 of its songs, night after night, on tour. I don't think any other album came close to receiving such a showcase in the live set.
  15. Thanks for keeping the archives packed with so many articles! I had been looking for the Musician magazine 1989 story fir years after reading part if it on the newsstand and never finishing it