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  1. I saw it in the theater when it came out. Is there a TP reference in it? I remember Pink Floyd's "Hey You" and David Lynch's Blue Velvet.
  2. I watched Noah Baumbach's remarkable new film, MARRIAGE STORY, on Netflix this morning. Without spoiling, there is a creative reference to "The Waiting" that is poetic and unexpected and completely true to the mood of the film. This is not an easy film to watch—gutwrenching in parts—but the acting is tremendous and the writing quite powerful.
  3. The 1991 tour was special for me. Until that point I had seen the band play exactly one song live—I attended a taping of the Late Night with David Letterman 8th Anniversary special, during which they played "A Face in the Crowd." So, when they announced the Great Wide Open Tour, I made sure to really absorb the live experience and say four concerts in November 1991. The first was at Irvine Meadows, and they played an extra long show with "Straight Into Darkness" and "Mystery Man" in the setlist. The next week I saw them at the LA Forum and San Diego Sports Arena, then on November 24 I got to see them on my birthday at the Oakland Arena (one of the two shows filmed for Take The Highway). These were thrilling shows.
  4. The first time I ever heard "Mary Jane's Last Dance" was during the national radio broadcast of a Gainesville concert in November 1993, a week before the Greatest Hits record was released. They did a long, extended jam at the end of the song and it was fantastic. I was recording the concert on cassette, so I must have listened to that version a million times. The Live Anthology includes versions of "Drivin' Down To Georgia" and "Lost Without You" and (possibly) "Something in the Air" from that show, so I was always surprised they didn't use that "MJLD" as well. I also heard them play "MJLD" with acoustic guitars at the Bridge Concert in November 1994, so that was the first time I heard it played live.
  5. I believe both Stan and Steve played drums for "MJLD" at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction
  6. I finally saw Spike at the 2014 Hypnotic Eye tour in San Francisco. It was pretty remarkable that for all the shows I had been to—more than 40 since 1991—they played 9 songs I had never heard out of 19 songs in the set that night
  7. I went to the Chapel last night and it was a very moving show. He played a number of great new songs, so it was a great way to experience them for the first time. "Dogs on the Run" was dazzling. Benmont stayed and met fans after the show for quite awhile. Could not have been gentler or nicer. He told me he's particular excited to play in Big Sur tonight.
  8. I had a chance to chat with Benmont recently in advance of his concert run in Northern California.
  9. I recently picked up a used copy of Through the Years, as it was the only release I never purchased. The producers were Bill Bottrell with TP and MC. When "For Real" came out on TP Radio, one of the intro clips talked about the band going to Bottrell's studio in Mendocino to cut "Surrender" and a few tracks, so I looked it up. Sounds like a musical utopia by the coast. http://www.billbottrell.com/studio.html
  10. I loved the Jakob Dylan/Beck cover of "Goin' Back". It made me pull out my Byrds box set and dig in all over again.
  11. Went to see a matinee yesterday before going to the Lucinda Williams concert in Sacramento. Really lovely documentary with a soundtrack that jingles and jangles for 90 minutes. Tom tells great stories, particularly about winning a copy of Pet Sounds on the radio and about seeing Buffalo Springfield and Beach Boys in Gainesville in 1968 and thinking "This is how good its supposed to be. Maybe better."
  12. Marion,
    As an obsessive collector of all things live TPHBS, I would love to get links for your impressive compilation! Thanks in advance for putting in so much work on this!


  13. There isn't any need for the rest of us to go on after this. We're done here.
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