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  1. Hey all. This is my first post on the forum. I've been looking through the forum and have been looking for a definitive, close-to exhaustive list of Petty originals that don't appear on the normal albums. I threw this one together, which has the name of the song, as well as the album I believe the song was initially recorded for (songs that are unclear or without a specific corresponding album recording session). Please let me know with any additions or critiques so I can add them to this list. Hopefully it will help fans enjoy rarer, more obscure music from throughout his career. (All due credit to the list I found on Reddit's Tom Petty subreddit, the format and information for which I used in part for this list). Links coming soon! Surrender - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers I Don't Know What to Say to You - You're Gonna Get It! Casa Dega - Damn the Torpedoes It's Rainin' Again - Damn the Torpedoes Nowhere - Damn the Torpedoes Gator on the Lawn - Hard Promises Heartbreakers Beach Party - Long After Dark Keep a Little Soul - Long After Dark Keeping Me Alive - Long After Dark Turning Point - Long After Dark Trailer - Southern Accents Walkin' From the Fire - Southern Accents Make That Connection - Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) Waiting For Tonight - Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) Down the Line - Full Moon Fever Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger - Full Moon Fever Peace in LA - Into the Great Wide Open Lonesome Dave - Wildflowers Girl on LSD - Wildflowers Somewhere Under Heaven - Wildflowers Sweet William - Echo Gainesville - Echo I Don't Belong - Echo The Woods - Highway Companion Home - Highway Companion Around the Roses - Highway Companion Mystery of Love - Mojo Little Girl Blues - Mojo Playing Dumb - Hypnotic Eye Bus to Tampa Bay - Hypnotic Eye Two Men Talking - Hypnotic Eye Songs not recorded for an album Lookin' For Daddy For Real Travelin' Christmas All Over Again Can't Get Her Out Moon Pie Got My Mind Made Up Come on Down to My House God's Gift to Man You Come Through Songs only played live Dog on the Run (live only) Drivin' Down to Georgia (live only) Black Leather Woman (live only) Melinda (live only) Songs that still remain unreleased (and unheard!) Confusion Wheel - Widflowers Something Could Happen - Wildflowers My New Guitar Next Time You See Memphis Reptiles
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