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    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    Seeing this whole "All The Rest" situation reminds me of ELO's Secret Messages. Similarly to how Wildflowers was stripped by the publisher, SM was cut in half and didn't see a proper full release until last August. SM was also supposed to be re-released in 2013 but due to label disputes, it never came to be. The "full version" that eventually dropped was a Frankenstein of sorts, splicing different interludes and reorganizing different the listing to more match theories. Not to mention the axing of the one song from the session people wanted to hear the most in the form of "Beatles Forever". While I appreciate it's existence, I felt a little off knowing this was probably the most I would see from this album, and that it wasn't a passion project, more like an obligation to the fans. I'm amazed to see all the heart and care that is put into TPATHBs back catalogue, and this is why I've been slowly growing more fond of Tom as of late. I really do hope to see a proper release of the true Wildflowers in the coming future. I'm a late comer to the group but I am in awe of the sheer history and beauty of Tom, Mike, and everyone involved.