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  1. The Wild One, Forever

    The Knobs Need Your Opinion!

    Ok everyone, just doing a quick survey here. We would like to know if anyone would be interested in seeing the Dirty Knobs as part of a benefit for Tazzy Fund/Rock the Dogs out at the wonderful Pappy and Harriet's in Pioneertown. It's a great venue in the high desert of California between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. We don't have any dates set, but are just trying to see if anyone is interested. It may be a bit of a drive (or flight) but this venue is amazing and you could see the Knobs under an amazing clear sky with lots of stars all while supporting the dogs at Tazzy Fund and Rock the Dogs. Let us know if any of you are interested! Check out the venue here http://pappyandharriets.com/
  2. The Wild One, Forever

    New Jason Sinay album "Orangutwang" to be released soon!

    Oh, I know! A Knobs cd would be so great.
  3. The Wild One, Forever

    New Jason Sinay album "Orangutwang" to be released soon!

    We still sell actual CDs at his shows. I'll PM you, Barb.
  4. The Wild One, Forever

    Tazzy Fund Auctions Fonda Tickets!

    We're hoping the prices will go up a bit more, two more days, crossing my fingers! Mike, I love Barnaby to death, but he is a brat! I'll gladly send him over to you.
  5. The Wild One, Forever

    Rolling Stones in LA

    I wish I could have gone to that. I knew about it pretty early in the day but had a meeting. It was the only meeting in the world I would never cancel. Anything else, I would have been there! Still really cool that they did this. Would love to see them but could never afford it.
  6. The Wild One, Forever

    Tazzy Fund Auctions Fonda Tickets!

    One pair of GA tickets for each night of the Fonda run are now available for auction through Tazzy Fund. So if you missed out on tickets in the presale or regular sale and would like to help out some wonderful doggies, please consider bidding on these tickets. The auction will only last for ten days so head on over to our eBay page and bid now! Let's raise some good money for animals in need. http://www.ebay.com/sch/tazzyfund/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25&_trksid=p3686 Here is a cute picture of one of the Tazzy Fund dogs that fundraisers like this help to support.
  7. The Wild One, Forever

    Rock the Dogs Announces Club House Contest Raffle!

    I'm glad you got it safe and sound! And sorry to have kept you waiting to get it. It sure is a fantastic poster. And thanks again for everyone who entered the raffle!
  8. The Wild One, Forever

    Jeff Lynne News

    Great news. Can't wait for the reissue of Armchair Theatre. I have it on vinyl and listen to it all the time!
  9. The Wild One, Forever

    Happy Birthday, Shianne!!

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I couldn't think of a better way to spend my day, it was absolutely wonderful.
  10. The Wild One, Forever

    Rock the Dogs Announces Club House Contest Raffle!

    It will be sent out soon!
  11. The Wild One, Forever

    Rock the Dogs Announces Club House Contest Raffle!

    It's a great poster, you'll love it!
  12. The Wild One, Forever

    Clubhouse Dinner Raffle Deadline!

    Just an announcement to let everyone know the official Clubhouse Dinner Raffle deadline is coming up soon on JANUARY 14th! A big thanks to everyone who has already entered and congratulations to our first two winners. As the event nears we are getting very excited and cannot wait to announce a third winner. However, with a low amount of tickets sales, we are still 35 tickets away from our final drawing. We have reduced the number of tickets so that odds are even better! If you would like to purchase another ticket, please email us so we can add the tickets to your previous entry form. A new entry form is not required. With the official deadline is coming up let us know soon! If you haven't purchased a ticket yet and would like to, please visit tazzyfund.org/events for event details and to download the entry form. Remember, the money raised through the Clubhouse Dinner Raffle goes to support our community programs. Good luck to all of you who have entered and thanks for your participation! Just a couple of the dogs that the money from your entries helps to support:
  13. The Wild One, Forever

    Merry Minstrel Muscial Circus 2012

    I didn't get to watch all of the show, but it sure was a good time and raised a good amount of money for the Tazzy Fund and Little Kids Rock. Good news for all who didn't get to see this year's show, it is set to be an annual event!
  14. The Wild One, Forever

    Win A Chance To Visit The Heartbreakers' Clubhouse on January 25th!

    We still need 30 more entries for the next drawing. So please everyone get your entries in and tell your friends!
  15. The Wild One, Forever

    Mike Campbell teams up with Jonathan Wilson for Charity!

    I'm quite the fan of the poster too, Beth. I wish everyone could go, it's going to be a lot of fun!