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  1. Okay, if these things are selling for like $400.00 in the after market, why aren't they producing new ones to cash in? Seems so weird. This would be the one set I would definitely want on vinyl.
  2. Okay, I found all 16 tracks and have them in 320. I am not big on holding on to FLAC. Here is How I put them in a running order for my iPhone. If anyone wants them, please PM me and I will hook you up with a link. Listen To Her Heart King’s Highway You Don’t Know How it Feels I Won’t Back Down Takin’ My Time Drivin Down To Georgia Breakdown I Should Have Known It Sweet William Jefferson Jericho Blues First Flash of Freedom Running Man’s Bible Good Enough Refugee Runnin’ Down A Dream American Girl
  3. Yes, there are 16 total and I "believe" I have them all in varying bitrates. The tracks below are the ones I would like to get in FLAC or at least 320. Sorry for being such a pain! Listen To Her Heart Takin' My Time Sweet William Jefferson Jericho Blues First Flash Of Freedom Running Man's Bible Refugee American Girl
  4. Anyone have this and willing to share? I only have the 8 track edition. Would love a FLAC if anyone has it. Thanks either way.
  5. Is there anywhere to get these downloads so far after the fact? Anyone that can point me in the right direction?
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