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  1. I hear you about sound quality. Although occasionally an audience recording can actually sound as good as or better than a soundboard. (Partly because some soundboards have issues.)
  2. TomFest, Speaking of checking, I've been working on making a compilation of all of Petty's cover versions done in concert. There are a lot of em! Well over 100. I think I've found them all except for a handful. I plan on posting some zips of them here once I'm done, if anyone is interested. But I'm still looking for that handful. Namely: Put a Little Love in Your Heart Let's Stick Together He Was a Friend of Mine On the Radio I'm Not Talking Mean Woman Blues Do You Wanna Dance If you or anyone else here has any of these, please let me know. I've been told by someone else in this forum that maybe about three of these have been bootlegged, but circle only in very rarified trading circles, while the rest probably never got bootlegged at all.
  3. Big Blue Sky, You may have had a special situation. But zippyshare sometimes has some weird pop up ads in general. Just ignore that and find the right download button. I use an ad blocker program, so I never have that sort of problem. And by the way, Earl Thomas, I don't have any higher quality versions. Since I got most of the mp3s for this from Marion, you might want to ask her.
  4. TomFest, Yeah, sure, but I see DVDs as a whole different thing than recorded songs (on albums or singles or compilations, etc). For one thing, DVD sales are a lot lower than albums, generally speaking, and they tend to go out of print and get forgotten. Plus, they're meant to be seen, not heard. Very, very few people are going to convert their DVDs to some other format so they can listen to the songs in their car or the like. Plus, similarly very few people will separate the songs out to be able to focus on the few new songs, as I did here in this zip file. I don't think it can be denied that if Petty would have put these sounds out on an actual album at the time, they would have had a much higher profile.
  5. Hi, This is my first post at the forum. I've been going through a big Tom Petty phase in my music listening lately. As part of that, I've wanted to gather all the good rare stuff that I didn't already have. I found out there were two Petty originals I'd never heard of that were only played live once each, at the Vic in Chicago in 2003: "My New Guitar" and "Next Time You See Memphis." I looked all over the Internet and couldn't find copies of these songs anywhere. So I came to this forum and found only a few mentions to them over the years. I contacted some of the most frequent posters here with PMs, and most of them hadn't heard of these either. Frequent poster Marion initially wasn't aware of these songs, but she has all the shows from the Vic that year, so she figured she had to have them. Sure enough, she dug them up and sent them to me. Thank you again! I'm posting a link to them here, so hopefully other Petty fans can hear them. While I was making a zip of these files, I decided to add a few more to it. There actually were five unreleased original songs that were first done during that series of shows at the Vic. So I've added the others: "Melinda," "Black Leather Woman," and "Two Men Talking." "Melinda" has since been released as part of the "Live Anthology," but I'm including a performance from a different date. A 2012 version of "Two Men Talking" has recently come out on the "An American Treasure" box set, but this one is somewhat different, including being two minutes longer. On top of all that, I'm also adding "Commit a Crime," a Howlin' Wolf song played only once by Petty in concert, during the Vic shows. Marion also dug that one up for me. It's fitting that that's a blues cover, because Petty clearly was in a heavy bluesy musical mood at the time. All five of the originals are bluesy in some way, and he played a bunch of other blues songs during that run of shows. I'd be curious if anyone has any feedback on these songs and why they remained unreleased. Together, the five originals total 25 minutes, so that's like half of an album. https://www50.zippyshare.com/v/7XstQxio/file.html
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