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  1. dylanfree

    The Story Behind "Rick's Airport Recorders"

    From what I know he started out at the Sirius studios and then eventually began recording the shows at his home studio?
  2. dylanfree

    Mike on "Room At The Top"

    ok. all is ok?
  3. dylanfree

    Mike on "Room At The Top"

    Mike's solo is so freaking sublimely beautiful. I have been playing guitar for 35 years and I truly have no idea where and how his chops come from. I love his playing, My fave guitar players (no order): Mike C Peter Green Zappa Chuck Berry Let me know....Mike Top Of The world. His solo is freaking amazeballs
  4. dylanfree

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The Grays - Ro Sham Bo
  5. dylanfree

    Five Lettered Word Game

    early = even arseholes really love you ......... LATER
  6. Hoodoo, you are a legend! This was one of my last remaining puzzle pieces!! I owe ya one!
  7. dylanfree

    Fave TP Tune?

    I am sure this has all been addressed before, but I am always curious! If hard pressed, what would you say your favorite Tom Petty track is? I know we could say it changes from day to day - but, what if you had to pick only one....... Mine would have to be "One More Day, One More Night" off of Echo. It has the ultimate in TPATH dynamics. The "Hold out...." breakdown bit gives me chills every freaking time. Haunting and beautiful at once.
  8. That track hasn't even made its way onto the NY Archives subscription site yet! I hope he starts adding more extra content on there!
  9. Thank you for sharing this! Just when I thought I'd heard everything from Neil, someone always surprises me! Still awaiting the day when the alternate Tonight's The Night album with the dialogue between tracks sees the light of day.....