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  1. I wouldn't want to redesign Let Me Up. Just add them.
  2. 1. Rebels (but without all the 80s stuff. It has to be rockin' and punchy.) 2. Trailer (It ain't nothin to me didn't work on here) 3. Keeping Me Alive (it's a great acoustic rootsy sounding song that would work on this version of the album) 4. Southern Accents (exactly how it is on the original is fine) 5. Spike (exactly how it was before) 6. Don't Come Around here no more (it's to good to be left off) 7: The Apartment Song (with Stevie Nicks on vocals too) 8. Mary's New Car (filler) 9. Heartbreakers Beach Party (Hell yes) 10. Dogs On The Run (similar to the original with a little less horns, but they still worked so it stil have some.) 11. The Best of Everything(exactly like the original) Now "Make It Better" and "It Ain't Nothin to Me" will be on Let Me Up ( I've Had Enough).
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