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  1. GetLuckySometimes

    For Real

    Woohoo! A nice surprise this morning.
  2. GetLuckySometimes

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    I've really grown to love this song in the last few months -- it has that Jeff Lynne sound that can grow a little tiresome, but it doesn't overdo it. Glad they included it here -- seems like it should have been on Playback with the other b-sides.
  3. GetLuckySometimes

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    Sorry to respond to an old comment, but I just saw this while reading through the thread. The songs on page 9 are part of the same concert -- so in the booklet, they are grouped together. That's also why some songs have nothing printed under them -- because songs were grouped together. (page 19, for example) So, those aren't really errors. It's a bit confusing, though.
  4. GetLuckySometimes

    "Echo" from March 13, 1999

    Thanks so much. I can't wait to listen.
  5. GetLuckySometimes

    "Echo" from March 13, 1999

    Hi everyone, This is my very first post, but I have browsed your forum off and on for months. It's fantastic! Anyway, I was hoping to track down a recording of "Echo" from March 13, 1999 at the Fillmore. It appears to be the only time he ever played the song live and I would LOVE to hear it. Does a recording exist? Thanks so much! ( I ran a search before posting -- sorry if I missed this being shared elsewhere on the forum)