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  1. BobbyJames

    Thoughts on Playback

    Exactly, a very odd call! I love Casa Dega also, and most of everything else that is on the collection - a really cool mix of sounds! Listening to Ways to be Wicked right now and its just great!
  2. BobbyJames

    Thoughts on Playback

    Nice to see I've indirectly started a discussion! Having spent the best part of the last week listening to Playback I only have good things to say about it. I'm a huge Southern Accents fan, but how on earth was Trailer left off the album?! Looking forward to dipping in and out of it a lot more in the future!
  3. BobbyJames

    How can I get Playback?

    Thank you so much! and thanks to everyone else for the suggestions, yes I’m based in the UK which makes finding a copy harder - I’ve had no luck scouting record shops of late and I have seen that Amazon UK copy before, but decided against it (I figured £40 was risky given I knew little about the seller and also how old the set is - I’ve been scammed before from a similar product!)
  4. BobbyJames

    How can I get Playback?

    Hi there, Bit of a lurker on this forum, seems a nice place and pleased to be here! My favourite TPATH album has always been Southern Accents (I never knew of its critics before I came on here) and my love of the album has lead me in search of some of its B-sides such as Trailer, which can only be found on Playback (the Heartbreakers version, at least) - I can't find any versions of Playback to buy, though, so just wondering if anyone on here can lend a hand and suggest anywhere I could look? I know that Nobody's Children is available on the UK iTunes, are any of the other discs (specifically the outtakes and rarities disks) available elsewhere? Thanks!