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  1. That's my favourite on the album! Lovely melody, lyrics be damned. Climb that Hill second fav.
  2. I've prayed that he had a relationship with Jesus before the end; being a Christian, I can only hope (and pray). Musicians are rarely lacking in spirituality, as they tend to recognise (alluded to in RedfordCowboy's initial post) that music has such on impact on us it seems to transcend natural experiences and have some element of the supernatural.
  3. Anna Lee might be a sequel to the Beach Boys classic, Anna Lee the Healer? Call me old fashioned, but the "swear word" songs don't entice me. "Wreckless Abandon" is a great title for a first single, however.
  4. I can spot the Jeff Lynnne connection with Into the Great Wide Open / Jack and Yer So Bad / Big weekend, but I can't find one between the two you mention, myself. I think their tempo in pretty similar in the verses, but DOTS has a speedier chorus. The melody or structure aren't similar to me. I enjoyed reading all of your thoughts though. I really like HC, despite my ranking it pretty low on my list in that other thread...
  5. Great link, thanks. When the time comes is my favourite Petty song from the 70's. Nice for it to get some love!
  6. I love "Counting on You," as Tom seemed to also, wanting it to be a single (but then, he never played it live, did he?) Funny you mention Roy, because it's a pretty magical moment I reckon when Tom hits the "Yoooou" when singing the chorus that last time.
  7. FMF is deserving of it's popularity and is a great listen, agreed. I even don't mind Face in the Crowd these days, which I thought was very dull as a young man. Nobody compiling anthologies likes it, however. In regards to Great Wide Open; It's funny, I tear up often within the first few seconds of All the wrong reasons, it's just so beautiful, but hey, that's me! Clearly somebody (other than just me) likes Accused of Love, as it ended up on "American Treasure." For me, it's a really catchy brother to the equally likable "This one's for me." I ranked Hypnotic Eye second last. but it's still got some nice songs. I don't like the opener much, I find it a tad unpleasantly heavy, and it has has the unnecessary swear word which makes it less family friendly. Fault lines is okay, and I like Red River. All you can Carry is certainly the highlight and a real return to form. None of the other up-tempo tracks are as good as "Dreams of Flying" on Mudcrutch 2 however, and none of the ballads are anywhere near as good as "Beautiful Blue," a Wildflowers/ HC hybrid triumph. "Full grown boy" is boring to me, and I can't recall "U get me high," but I do remember it being boring. I'll have to give it another listen, though . The album could still be growing on me.
  8. I must admit to loving Jeff Lynne's production, and it's in full swing on ITGWO, glorious acoustic guitars and layered vocals floating around everywhere. And some excellent TP melodies and lyrics. I remember in my first flush of TP enthusiasm back in 2004/05, I recall buying this one and expecting a poorer man's FMF (I used to look at the reviews on allmusic.com a lot). Playing it through for the first time, I was mighty surprised and mighty delighted. You're right that Echo has an opposite feel in general, though again the melody is what counts most. Also, there's something special about the guitar sound on Echo, and all the mid-tempo/ up-tempo sounds have a crisp Rick Ruben sound but with some real energy behind it. "I don't belong" is unmistakably from the Echo sessions, and the only outtake from the recent set that I am excited about. The ballads are powerful and melodic also. Perhaps needless to say, there's so filler on either of these albums for me. Thanks for your comment, remind me of your top two?
  9. 1. Into the Great Wide Open 2. Echo 3. Full Moon Fever 4. Long After Dark 5. Wildflowers 6. Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) 7. The Last D.J 8. Hard Promises 9. Highway Companion 10. Southern Accents 11. You’re gonna get it 12. She’s the One 13. Damn the Torpedos 14. Tom Petty and the heartbreakers 15. Hypnotic Eye 16. Mojo
  10. I'm thinking about the riff playing during the singing of the title in the chorus. 1.28 - 1.35 for example. Then listen to 1.35 - 1.46 of You Wreck Me. Both riffs then feature again prominently at the end of each song. Tnink About Me is a much busier song, as you say. You have to love lyrics like "Your boyfriend got a big red car. Got a compact disc, got a VCR."
  11. I like it, but I prefer "Think about me" which uses the "You Wreck me" riff first...
  12. Although, we've moved off-topic, I'm enjoying all of the conversation (and a lurker until now, naturally). I rank Wildflowers at around 3-5 in my rankings, hovering with FMF and LAD. "A higher place" is the highlight for me, with probably the most appealing "jamming" ending that he/they ever did. In terms of the band covering songs, when I was younger and looked at track-lists like that on the "Soundstage" DVD, it was with a sense of crushing disappointment, having absolutely zero time for them. However I have more appreciation for them now I'm older. "Diddy-wah-diddy" is the only one I play regularly, it's fun to sing along to with my three sons.
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