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  1. Cool, thanks for that, haven't read it. Echo is really the post divorce/ cocaine album then.
  2. Well, I guess it might be the difference between problems beginning, and problems becoming more evident. I recall a quote from Tom saying something along the lines of "It was around the time of She's the One that we were losing the old Howie." Going back to the article, Tom's daughter talks about Wildflowers being the "quintessential divorce record." A singular view-point, I wonder what she thinks Echo is?
  3. Thew article says Tom was "stressed" about Howie in 1992. I thought that wasn't really the case until perhaps perhaps 1995-96 during the "She's the One" sessions.
  4. I doubt there's a great deal of extra material (or great demand), but I'd sure be excited about a fancy ITGWO 30th anniversary release next year...
  5. An unexpected appearance of a chorus from a different WF song! Nicely put together clip, if only TP was around to enjoy all the excitement himself...
  6. Check out the official store to see just how much cash you can (unsurprisingly) spend on different ultra super deluxe versions!
  7. Thanks mate, you too! Was missing a TP messageboard for a while after the official one became for paid up people only (were they called "Highway companions?"), which was useless for someone outside the U.S. Found this one not that long ago and now sadly it's goodbye here also, but it's been fun while it's lasted.
  8. It made me want to revisit "Turning Point," never noticed what a good song that was; haven't listened to it for years!
  9. Strange choice seeing as he wasn't around for the original recording, but no doubt he had the full album playing at his swim-wear shop! And it's been played a few times since he returned, hasn't it.
  10. That's my favourite on the album! Lovely melody, lyrics be damned. Climb that Hill second fav.
  11. I've prayed that he had a relationship with Jesus before the end; being a Christian, I can only hope (and pray). Musicians are rarely lacking in spirituality, as they tend to recognise (alluded to in RedfordCowboy's initial post) that music has such on impact on us it seems to transcend natural experiences and have some element of the supernatural.
  12. Anna Lee might be a sequel to the Beach Boys classic, Anna Lee the Healer? Call me old fashioned, but the "swear word" songs don't entice me. "Wreckless Abandon" is a great title for a first single, however.
  13. I can spot the Jeff Lynnne connection with Into the Great Wide Open / Jack and Yer So Bad / Big weekend, but I can't find one between the two you mention, myself. I think their tempo in pretty similar in the verses, but DOTS has a speedier chorus. The melody or structure aren't similar to me. I enjoyed reading all of your thoughts though. I really like HC, despite my ranking it pretty low on my list in that other thread...
  14. Great link, thanks. When the time comes is my favourite Petty song from the 70's. Nice for it to get some love!
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