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  1. Petty's music isn't dumb, and nor is he judging from what I've seen of him interviewed on You Tube vids. But it isn't unique in its compositions or arrangements either. If it were food, I would say it is the best darned hamburger you're ever likely to eat. Hamburgers sell a lot - yes? But no one says that they are gourmet or sophisticated. Now you can take that as a compliment or an insult. It's up to you. Whenever I hear one of the TP&TH songs - even my favourite ones (and there are a lot of those) - I feel as though I must have heard it somewhere else before, even if I haven't. I can only conclude that it's well crafted middle of the road American rock written and performed to a high standard - and great for a good ol' singalong during a drive in the car. It certainly puts a smile on my face. But for a concentrated listen through pricey Bose headphones with an eye mask on and the phone off the hook - forget it! Maybe it's because I'm a British Girl, I don't know and therefore missing the important subtle nuances of American rock compositions. YOu could be right. But, as things stand with me now - as a true Brit - I can honestly say that the best of American bands - like Petty's band, which is one of the best that has ever been, according to their profile, wealth and record sales - still doesn't hold a candle the very best of British rock bands for the reasons I've already stated above. Ok.. war has broken out. Leap through my computer screen and strangle me...just you try.....:) Over to you....
  2. A bit Picassian, but it still works.
  3. That's hardly likely. In fact, I think that Tom Petty's passing has been met with the most appalling exploitation / treatment from many close to him - from colleagues to family. He has been swiftly turned into a commodity, which I suspect is the very last thing he would have wanted.
  4. Shorter, thin length - but not short, short. Defo not long long either. He could get away with it very long when he was 20 odd years old, but when he turned 50, and he tried to emulate his earlier long haired blond look, it didn't suit him all that well. He looked better later on when he'd cut it and let it grow grey.
  5. Went into my supermarket today and immediately thought of that interview the two daughters gave a few weeks back for fans, revealing their late Dad's breakkie cereals all day munching habits and his love of coffee - not Maxwell House though - something they deny he ever drank, and in doing so casually implying that Warren Zanes, Petty's biographer, was telling porkie pies and possibly discrediting the whole book in the process. I thought it was Neil Young who'd coined the term 'Needle' and the damage done...oh well.. I am very pleased to report that on my supermarket shelves I saw no sign of any 'Petty Pops' or 'Petty Puffs' sitting alongside boxes of Weetabix and Cornflakes, and in the hot drinks aisles I saw no shelf space designated to Petty percolated coffee either. I dared not venture into the salad dressing aisle too, to stock up on Mayo', as I felt I might be pushing my luck too far..... If the two girls don't win this law suite, denying them royalties for product endorsements, I fear something else might happen that none of us have thought of. Annakim is a multiple dog owner is she not? Isn't it possible that, to avenge Dana and her lawyer's team, she might market her own brand of Kimberley Kibbles? Adria, hot tempered and abusive, according to Dana, her own brand of Sod Off (Dana) Soda water? Shudder the thought....:)
  6. This is precisely what she should not be doing: stoking the fires of this court dispute by getting fans to side with her on any aspect of it by explaining, defending and justifying - no matter how she thinks it might help her. A dignified silence on the matter, and letting the courts decide is far the best approach. It is also the mature approach to take too. Whining on social media is never classy. Geez, she always seems to come across like a petulant teenager to me.
  7. I'd be inclined to be more generous if I had a reason to. So far they haven't given me any reason to. I never said they were spoiled. I implied that their lives and their recent behaviours, since his death, don't really reflect the values I believed TP to have. My supposition is that is why TP left his wife in charge of the Trust, not his daughters. But, as you say, no one really knows the whole truth and I might far wide of the mark. If I am, I am happy to concede. But if you are in the public eye, or want to be, I would want to make pretty darned sure that I created a good impression so that I could limit any criticism that might come my way.
  8. "Annakim Petty's 37ish. That gives them years & years of building up life experience, professional work-ethic / career and networks of other adults... All of that creates a pool of emotional resilience they can be drawing on now." From what I can tell, Annakim has never done a day's work in her life. She's just followed her father around touring, smoking weed and living off a trust fund. Even Adria's 'artistic' outputs, as a videographer working on some films for famous people, was limited to just a few years in the naught-ies. She's done bugger all ever since - admittedly she's been bringing up her daughter. Both girls - who call themselves 'artists' (what a joke) - strike me as being rather too inclined to live off their father's money. Annakim seems rather child-like to me, not to mention self-absorbed, judging by the utter tripe and selfies she puts up on her Instagram page. I get the impression she does sod all with her day apart from preening herself in front of a mirror and posting on social media. If that is not so, she is not doing a very good job of promoting a better image of herself. As both girls are both so privileged by clearly being financially independent, long before TP died, they really should be getting their arses into gear and devoting their lives to charitable projects. Doing real work, in other words. There is really no excuse for kids of the very rich and famous to be doing nothing at all. Setting up trust funds for kids so that they can just roll out of bed midday and swan around life in a life of self indulgence and laziness - and doing a bit of hobby jobbing - just to appear purposeful and busy - but really 'not doing very much' is really not a good way to live. It seems to me that this spat they are currently in with TP's wife clearly indicates that they have no concept of team-work or cooperation - precisely because they have spent far too long living a life of extravagant self-indulgence. Meanwhile, the older one - Adria - seems to think it is perfectly fine to insult the Heartbreakers by sending them rude emails and trying to cut out any reference to them on the latest TP release project when the band have done precisely what she has not: got their finger out in life and honed and talent based on effort, hard work and endeavour. One of the main reasons why I am far from impressed with TP's daughters and more inclined to believe his wife who, at least before she married TP, did have a proper career as a Head Teacher and, after she married TP, devoted her day to managing his schedule, which I should imagine is not all that easy. Far more impressive, I would suggest, that swanning around doing sod all.
  9. Tbh, I think Tom's death has been appallingly handled by a lot of parties close to him. None of this is conducive to preserving TP's legacy as I believe he would have wished - that reflects his wishes or his character. These thing are as follows: 1. Stevie NIcks and FM kicking out Lindsey Buckingham to replace him with Mike Campbell. Just cruel and unjustified, even if good for MC himself. Tom was not a cruel person - anything but. I doubt he would have agreed with Stevie's actions at all. 2. Stevie Nicks and FM constantly parading TP's death on stage - as part of the grieving process - long after he had died. SN seems exploitative to me in doing this. Tacky really. 3. The Petty household being too eager, too keen and too quick to release a flood of commemorative record releases based on his back catalogue of material. Too grabby and too soon for much of it. 4. Annakim's abysmal open displays of grieving by photographing herself with mascara running down her cheeks and putting it up on Instagram. Classy, huh! Nope, just silly and childish not to mention undignified. Grieving is something you do in private not on instagram. 5. Annakim's appalling and shocking inarticulate abusive rant at Rolling Stone who misreported TP's death before it had taken place. Classy, huh" Er..Nope.The sentiment was laudible but her way of expressing it most certainly wasn't. TP was articulate and expressed himself well. From her horrible foul mouthed rant, I found it difficult to believe they'd come from the same gene pool. 6. That silly, trivial Q&A sessions the two girls did recently sharing their father's personal habits and private tastes. His favourite coffee, his cereal munching habits etc. If TP was so inclined to do this sort of thing, wouldn't he have done this whilst he was still alive? Again, this is the sort of thing you'd expect to read in a teen magazine about a hearthrob boyband member, not a well revered, well respected musician of several decades who had worked alongside top rate musicians like Dylan, Harrison etc. Does anyone know what George Harrison's favourite colour is, whether he enjoys cornflakes in the morning? I don't. Nor do I care. 7. Now the bickering between the two girls and Dana over the TP musical catalogue. Seems Adria is a bit 'unhinged' according to Dana. I'm inclined to agree. There is no way that TP would want his legacy commodified in this way to promote food products. It just cheapens what he was about. Poor Tom must be turning in his grave at all of this. Such undignified behaviours by those closest to him. For the record, I am far more inclined to believe that Dana has her late hubby's interests at heart than the the two girls. Don't ask me why - I just do. She hasn't really put a hair out of place since he died and TP seemed switched on enough to know what he was doing when he drew up his Estate Plan.
  10. 1. Jammin' Me - a new range of fruit preserves 2. Mary Jane's 'Very' Last Dance - The ultimate in Garden Weed-killer 3. 'Breakdown' - Roadside Assist Insurance Products 4. 'American Curl' - Hair styling products 5. 'You Wreck Me' - Household Contents Insurance for damage and theft.
  11. If TP was a true 'born again' bible based Christian, or even a liturgical religious protestant Anglican, I doubt that he would have wanted to be buried in a SRL Shrine referential to some Indian yogi. He probably was brought up as a believer of the Christian message though, but somewhere along the line other influencers came along to dilute his faith into something more 'alternative.' That influencer was possibly GH and possibly Dylan too. What all this means is that he never did truly grasp the true Christian 'good news' message if he was disheartened with it, or he attributed Christianity with the sort of distorted motivational messages propogated by American stadium church preachers or the false religiosity of many who do claim to be Christian but are really wolves in sheep's clothing'. Why he didn't just stick to the bible, I'll never know. I suppose it's not fashionable to be a true Christian with some highly successful entertainers, many of whom do dabble or commit to alternative cults, oesoteric belief systems. He seemed like a good person to me. Maybe, partly he was unwilling to repent of drug taking (cigs, illegal. fentanyl, weed), the very substances that helped kill him off prematurely or would have killed him off if he hadn't died when he did from cardiac arrest. Something I find very sad when he could have lived to enjoy his life with his family for many years, and embarked on new musical interests away from the grind of touring.
  12. Truth is that any forum has different personalities contributing, each expressing themselves in different ways. Rude and balshy to one reader is outgoing and expressive to another. Shyness to one person is being mousy and boring to another. It's all a matter of interpretation. One man's meat...an all that. As long as no one is breaking the law, defaming or slandering or libeling a personality, or trolling or flaming contributors to disrupt a topic entirely then I fail to see why one person should concede to another's posting style. We are all different, aren't we, and all have interesting and boring things to say and different ways of saying it. If you don't like what you read, just skip it and move on, I say, don't try to gang up and suppress. That's really the best way. Sorry if I offended anyone with my rather outspoken remarks about Stevie. It's just the way I am about a lot of things. I admire Stevie's songwriting and some of her older performances, I just don't like ganging up and ousting someone - and what has happened in FM is precisely that, as far as I can see. To do it to LB is, in my mind, pretty inexcusable, particularly when he has been such a huge part of her success and her reason for being in the band in the first place.
  13. Couldn't agree more. It's about time we realised that musicians and songwriters - no matter how famous and rich they are - are human beings, not demi-Gods who are entitled to have their feet kissed at every turn and no one can be seen to be criticising or commenting on any aspect of their lives when they are clearly flawed, damaged and even plain nasty characters (even if their work is good). Not knowing him at all, but having read about him so far I would not believe that of TP, but he was rather cavalier with his health, let's face it, but probably a nice guy and kind with it. So the nasty label probably doesn't apply. But none of us really knew him unless you actually had face to face dealings with him. Fans from the audience are always kidding themselves if they assume they 'know' someone they've never met. Bob Dylan was bang on with that one when he said that of fans: why should I want to meet them in person when they don't really know me. Isn't that true of any musician? I suspect there are always a few fans, on her and other fanzine forums, that would have swooned at the prospect of touching the hem of TP's trousers though in a rather sickly display of sycophancy. Frankly, I am not of that kind - not with any personality or anyone whether they are in the public eye or not.
  14. If Stevie is going to approve or allow to be written a 'warts and all' biography on the failings and shortcomings of her band-mates, who are hardly likely to approve or even agree to what she has said about them (LB possibly) aren't we at least entitled to examine her actions too in the light of what is written about? She out there in the public arena, so there is a cost to that - people talking about their life and personal aspects of it too, if they choose to comment on it themselves let alone sing songs about it and make money off it. The whole FM story is about conflict, drama and bad feeling - so why shouldn't we comment on it too - as long as what we have to say is likely to be or is true rather than flagrant misrepresentations and lies. Not sure why anyone want to to take a more reverential stance on this. Actions speak louder than words, I would say: even when we're dealing with writers and poets - no matter how good they are.
  15. (Oh, deary me....The FM drama never ends... Why is he entitled to any share at all? He wasn't fired unfairly, despite the 'Rumours' at the point of departure. I think he decided 'to go his own way' didn't he, because he felt the others had a different perspective than him on when and how the tour should be conducted. STEVIE KICKS.. ...but having read the report now, which I hadn't when I wrote the above comments (assuming what is reported is true) I hope he successfully sues the pants of them. LB is Fleetwood Mac and without him its more like Fleetwood Crap. Sorry MC and NF don't make up for LB's departure at all - not because they aren't any good. They are. It's just that they're not a good fit - or not as good a fit. LB's contribution to Wave 2 of the band is immeasurable and his influence permeates throughout to make FM what it is today. Half of Stevie's songs wouldn't have got off the ground had it not been for his interventions to make then into something worth listening to. And lets not also forget that her career wouldn't have seen the light of day had LB not insisted she join FM with him, when he was asked and not her (initially). This is the way she repays him. Even her solo career lends its success to her innate 'sex appeal' - half her fans have no objectivity where she is concerned. Had she got a face like a back of a Greyhound bus she wouldn't have got far there either. Her songwriting skills are good - let's face it - but her performances erratic in her younger, drug fuelled days. She doesn't owe LB her entire life but, let's face it, SN is far too 'up her own arse' for her own good. She has that horrible 'I want it so I'm going to get it' entitled attitude which I hate so much. She tried that on with TP sneaking into his house, inviting herself to be a Heartbreaker. Luckily he told her to sling 'er 'ook. She also fuelled his first wife with drugs - and she had mental health problems. Bad influence springs to mind. Not only is she - the middle aged 'mumsy' looking female that she is - a very 'bland and ordinary' vocal talent these days, having lost that wonderful raspy throaty quality it used to have, she has clearly let fame and greed go to her head (instead of Cocaine). If someone offered me a LB ticket or a FM ticket, with its present incarnation (Mike Campbell or not), I would still take the LB ticket. HIs guitar playing is first rate - go listen if you haven't heard it - and i also think he's been treated like dirt over the years by the present backstabbing FM composite.
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